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Honey Glazed Baked Ham
This is a great mild, very lean ham. This ham is coated with a special mixture of honey-mustard, and our secret ingredients. This is all meat, no b...
Price: $33.89
Old Fashioned Natural Casing Summer Sausage
This is an old-time favorite! Stuffed into a natural casing, let it hang and age naturally-as hard as you like it-this allows the great seasonings ...
Price: $8.59
course ground with a good touch of garlic. Very similar to our Kielbasa, this is an exceptional hearty meal idea! This product is fully cooked and ...
Price: $8.99
Preskopf Head Cheese
A traditional German favorite to serve with fresh Brotchen or with other coldcuts. This is made from lean pieces of cheak meat from the pig. This i...
Price: $7.99
Swedish Potato Sausage
A swedish specialty sausage that is tradiationally used around the holidays. Made with pork, onion, and potatoes. averaging weight, 1.50
Price: $9.99
BACON Bulk Double Smoked 15lb
Bavaria's Double Smoked 15lb. Bacon- FOR YOUR BLT"S A treat for your summer sandwiches and salads! We start with lots of lean pork and dou...
Price: $69.95
Gelbwurst (Veal Loaf)
Average 1 pound chub--perfect for slicing and snacking! Deliciously seasoned Veal Loaf with Parsley and Lemon. Comes with or without parsley 16 oz.
Price: $6.89
Old Favorites Sampler
Course Ground Liver Sausage (Grobeleberwurst), Teewurst, Westphalian Ham, Wine Salami, Pre Cooked Sheboygan Style Bratwurst, and Jagdwurst. These a...
Price: $47.95
Veal Osso Bucco Center Cut
Here are beautiful peices of 2 inch cut Veal Center cut Osso Bucco. These are for your special Italian dishes. Average weight .75- 1.25 lb.
Price: $15.95
Lamb Hind Shanks
Free Range Australian Hind Lamb Shanks for your special meal. You get 2- shanks approx 2.50lb to 2.75 lb. in a package
Price: $35.99
Rouladen Meal WHAT A GREAT GIFT!
BETTER THAN GOING OUT!! This Authentic and deliciously seasoned Meal includes 4 pcs. Stuffed Rouladen (2-3 lbs), 1 jar Pickled Red Cabbage and 1 Ba...
Price: $25.99
Real Swiss Kalberwurst Veal Brat
Made by Heinz, our Swiss Master Sausage Maker. This is a very mild product, made from veal, pork, milk and mild spices.. We offer it several differ...
Price: $6.79
Bavaria's Old Fashioned Ring Bologna (Rindwurst)
This can be served hot or cold. Fully cooked and ready to just heat and serve. Our ring bologna is all beef, medium grind, mildly seasoned and hick...
Price: $4.99
Duck Whole
Whole frozen Duck for your special meal. These are very young ducklings
Price: $21.95
FRESH or Hickory Smoked Pheasant
The delightful natural smoked flavor comes from using maple sugar during the smoking process. This whole pheasant weighs about 2.00 to 2.50. lbs. e...
Price: $22.59
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