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Customer Comments

Customer Comments

I am the only born American in my family so with this said I am very familuar with German foods. My family and I traveled abroad every 4 years as I grew up. I have tried other companys German products but I honestly have to say that yours put theirs to shame!!! I am so glad that I took a chance on you!

Wonderful Service

Wonderful Service
We received your package in the appropriate time frame. Everything was still frozen. When the meat defrosted, we found it to be absolutely delicious and tasted much like the "wurst" we had in our childhood years when we were reared by our "Oma" in Wuerzburg, Germany. Thank you for making a truly authentic bratwurst, gelbwurst and beerwurst as we remember. Kudos to you for an exceptional recipe. We will be ordering more. Stan L - Reno, NV

Coffee is just as I remembered

Coffee is just as I remembered
Packaged just arrived and the Tchibo Privat coffee is as good as I remembered! Thanks! You guys are the best! Ron P. Laredo, Texas

Loyal Customers

Loyal Customers
I just have to tell you how happy I am inside that your here (or there). You keep me sane between our trips to visit friends in Bavaria. Your weiss wurst bowl from Seltman certainly is a flashback. We bought our Konig Ludwig china at the outlet in Weiden and hand carried it back over three trips. We're going again soon. Until then we'll be your most loyal customers. Barb Z. Portland, OR

Glad I found your web site

Glad I found your web site
I just wanted to send a quick email of gratitude to everyone at Bavaria Sausage Company. First a little background; I had my first "Oktoberfest Celebration" at my home with a few friends (68 I was just to be accurate.) I had been searching and planning the party for weeks, comparing prices and the sort. At my wits end, I did a Google Search when I found your website. That is where I took a plunge and ordered. With this being a major gathering and I was on a strict budget, I felt a little unsure. Did I do the right thing? Then I received a phone call confirming my order the very next morning from the calming voice of one of your employees. (I am sorry that I didn't get her name) She was very helpful and like I said made me feel at ease with my choice. And as promised, Your company delivered to my front door in perfect order with a wonderful aroma. (I feel bad for the delivery man-his mouth must have watered all the way to my home.) Everyone enjoyed the Brats and they voted for an annual event. I was totally amazed with the the quality and condition of my order and your outstanding customer service. In today's rat race, I do not normally take time out to write and a company to comment about a transaction. This exception could not go by without acknowledging your company and how overwhelmed and completely satisfied I am. I will be a customer for life. I have past on your web address to my guest. Thanks Again. Sincerely, Deborah

package arrived safely

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that my package arrived safely last evening. We had some of the weiners for dinner, and my husband (a Cajun) said he was amazed at how much better they tasted than American hot dogs. I smugly said, "Well, of course!" They tasted just like the sausages my mom used to buy outside Detroit when I was growing up. She was from Germany, and one of my biggest regrets in moving down here has been that I haven't found good German food. (And that she died when I was younger and couldn't care less about learning to cook, so all those recipes are lost now!) And the brotchen were great! We're looking forward to the bratwursts and the rolladen. I wanted to say "thank you" for the excellent service, and that I'll be placing more orders in the future! Sincerely, Ingrid G.

Thanks to all of you at Bavaria Sausage

We thought you might like to hear what some of our customers say about us. . .

Hello Judy, Just a quick note to say Thanks to all of you at Bavaria Sausage, My wife ( Renate) and I are so pleased about your product. All of our guests are so pleased about the food., Renate and myself have so much to thank you - all for. Our business is picking up pretty good because of your Sausage, We just can"t thank you enough for everything. Thanks so much! - Herschel and Renate.

Robert in PA

Robert in PA -
Hello. I once again just wanted to thank Bavaria Sausage, Inc. for excellent service. I have been ordering product from you for a couple of years now and have NEVER been disappointed. I have always been treated well and always accommodated. We have some company coming this weekend from out of the area. Yesterday I went to retrieve Munich Weisswurst from the freezer to thaw and realized that I had exhausted my supply. These people love your products and especially your Munich Weisswurst. I know that I can send it to them directly and have, but they are a bit older and don't grill, so they asked me not to send it again, but to have it whenever they visit! So yesterday Valerie called you people, effortlessly placed the order in a matter of minutes and today it arrived. Our company won't be disappointed. Thank you very much. I write this thank you because I know that you are sausage makers and not shippers. I know that you offer overnight deliveries in your advertising, but so do many other companies. The difference is that many of the other companies don't really want that telephone call for a single item to be overnighted and they show it when you speak with them. My own experience has been that several times with other companies the product does ship overnight, but the problem is they don't get around to shipping it sometimes for a day or two. They don't tell you that when you order, and afterwards if asked they tell you that they had other, bigger orders to worry about. That is understandable, but disappointing. I own and run a small business in our area. We do very well and there is a lot of competition. I like to think we do well because we treat our customers like Bavaria Sausage, Inc. has treated me. So once again, thank you and keep up the great work. - Bob in PA.

From Margaret

From Margaret -
My daughter, Brenda, in Madison, has just sent her mother in Gainesville, FL. over $100 of your products! I am a 76 yr old widow who is enjoying all the great GOODIES! Your products are supreme and I have enjoyed them very much so far and look forward to every "morsel" that remains. I just had to write and tell you that your products are supreme and that I will be calling in for more when my daughter's gift runs out! Thank you so much!

Great Web Site

"Great Web Site" -
message: I had some of your Pfefferwurst Summer Sausage last night at our sportsmen's club and I'd like to tell you this was some of the best and most unique tasting venison sausage I've ever tasted. Great web site!

"The bratwurst was amazing!"
Hello, I bought your brat combo box, some kraut and kielbasa about a month and a half ago. The bratwurst was amazing! Better than any of the traditional store bought brats we've tried in the past and the kraut was awesome too.The kielbasa was really juicy and full of flavor. I will tell all my friends about you! At any rate, you've earned a lifelong Bratwurst and Kielbas customer.
Yours respectfully,
-Adam from Maine.

"So excited about the Sauerbraten". . .
Judy, My husband was so excited about the sauerbraten dinner he was in the kitchen with me the whole time I was cooking. The dinner was fantastic---we are having the leftovers tomorrow night. So far, we have tried the sauerkraut in the foil bag, the weisswurst, and the spaetzle...all were excellent. Thanks so much for the great care with our order.
Michele - New Hampshire.

"Thanks again for all your help". . .
Dear Judy and Family, We are all very impressed with your bratwurst, weisswurst and knackwurst. We also put the landjaeger and summer sausage on display at our store and in a short time, we sold almost every thing. 'Eating your weisswurst is like being back home agian. There is no difference between the two! We are very happy with your products and that we found your place. Thanks again for all your help.
Vielen Dank,
Klaus and Ingrid -Phoenix, Az

"My father-in-law was born in Germany". . .
Thank you for fulfilling my order so promptly and so well. We visited my father-in-law for his 80th birthday and enjoyed your products very much. My father-in-law was born in Germany and lived there for many years. He was impressed with the quality of your sausages, cold cuts, and cheeses. I must add that the wine salami was without doubt the best tasting and most lean salami I have ever eaten. The braunschweiger and Black Forest ham also received very high marks. I will certainly be ordering from you again and will be happy to recommend your products to friends and family. --Pat, -Tampa, Fl

"Near Perfection". . .
Received my first order from your company last week which consisted of bratwurst, knockwurst, old fashioned wieners and pork schnitzel. I just had to tell you that the quality and taste of your products is outstanding. Over the years I have frequented some fine German restaurants. German food is among my favorites. I have tried sausages from other German butcher shops but have always been disappointed due to coarse grinds with a lot of gristle and casings that were so thick you needed a hand saw to cut through them. But your products are near perfection. Keep up the tradition. I will be placing orders in the near future and will tell my friends about your web site.
Sam M. -Stockbridge, MI

"Fast Delivery"
Hi, I am writing this in regards to the two orders I placed with you, I can honestly say that I don't think there has ever been a company that has provided better quality service and faster delivery than Bavaria Sausage Co. Both orders were received this afternoon and I have ordered from you before and I know that the recipents will be very happy with their Birthday presents! I am sure I will be back again soon, after all the real grilling season is just about here, although we haven't quit grilling all winter! Thanks again so much!!!!! Sarah S

Everything Was Wonderful
Everything was wonderful...Wunderbar !!! I got so many compliments, but you deserve the credit. Your customer service is outstanding. We will definitely order from you again in the future. Thanks, Patricia , Staten Island, NY

and THANK YOU! -- I know we will enjoy very very much -- but I need to THANK you for providing all of these fine products - particularly on-line shopping ... never would you find such quality in our local stores ... we've ordered before, but now that October is approaching, we're getting 'in the mood' for fine german food! and I'm ready to load up again ... thanks again Barb, Ft.Myers Florida

Landjagers are great!!
Hello Judy! I got the sausages today! That was a speedy delivery!! WOW! And the Landjaeger are just GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a feeling that we will do MUCH more business in the future! :-)) Thank you for being such a great seller and please tell your Dad that he is doing a great job! I will leave a positive feedback for you,no doubt!! Whenever I have the chance to come to your store,I will let you know it`s me,ok. Perfectly satisfied Stefan

Hi Judy, My husband Bob and I want to tell you how much we enjoyed visiting your store on Saturday! It was like being back in Germany! Over the weekend we grilled our Nurnberger brats (curry for me) and the weisswurst. They were spectacular and authentic tasting. Then for breakfast on Sunday we had brotchen with jams, honey, then another brotchen mit aufschnitt und kase. Yummmmm! You'll be seeing us again for sure! Take care. Regards, Stacy Janesville

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed Bavaria Sausage brats at our Chaumontstrasse Oktoberfest celebration last weekend. The beer and nurnberger brats as well as the Weisswurst were big hits--but everything was well received. Many commented on the wonderful taste of all the brats (Oktoberfest sampler). The service was so good, the shipping container was great, and the food--magnificent. I'm so glad that I found you. I will definitely be placing orders for future celebrations ! Thanks for helping the Chaumontsrasse Oktoberfest party be so successful. We're all smiling here. Howard, San Jose California

Page Summary: The Quality and Consistency of Bavaria Sausage products is not left to chance. . . The superiority of flavor is maintained, no matter the size of the order, by producing smaller batch quantities and by always being committed to sending out the freshest product available to all of our customers. That's just how it is!

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