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Honey Glazed Baked Ham

This is a great mild, very lean ham. This ham is coated with a special mixture of honey-mustard, and our secret ingredients. This is all meat, no bone. Fully cooked just heat it up and carve.

Price: $31.19
Westphalian Schinken / Ham

Dry cured and heavily cold smoked ham generally sliced paper thin. Use as an appetizer with melon or fresh fruit; Or serve thin slices on top of rye bread with pickles on the side! 1 lb. Made by our German master sausage maker, here in our plant in Madison, Wisconsin. This is our number 1 ham.

Price: $12.59
Schwarzwald Schinken / Black Forest Ham

Schwarzwald ("Black Forest") Ham is out of this world! Dry cured & heavily smoked using pine needles & spiced with juniper berries. Always sliced paper thin. Serve on a great German Rye! NOTE: WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY IN THE USA WHO MAKES A REAL SCHWARZWALDER SCHINKEN

Price: $12.89

Smoked Lachsschinken

This is an excellent cold smoked softer schinken. It is the center cut of a certified boneless loin of pork, rolled in a layer of fat to assure tenderness, then cured and cold smoked. Tastes similar to smoked salmon. Serve as a appetizer with cream cheese and or fruit. 1lb. thin sliced and vacuum sealed.

TYPE 2 LB chunk (+$15.20)
1 LB chunk
1 Lb sliced
Price: $15.99
Smoked Nuss Schinken

This is also a good ham smaller than the Westphalian and drier. Cured and smoked. Sliced thin and sealed.

Price: $12.99

This is a Rich Dry Air-Cured Ham. Very lean and very full flavored with mouth watering mild seasoning. Sliced thin and sealed for freshness. Great with a good German Rye Bread or served with Fruit(as you would with Proscuitto) but even better!

Price: $13.59


This is a very mild cured and aged ham. Sliced very thin . Roll with melon or eat on your favorite rye bread. 16oz

Price: $12.99
Bauern Schinken / Farmer Ham
A very LEAN "Farmer Ham". Cured, cooked and smoked to perfection. Sliced thin & cryovac-packaged to seal in the flavor and freshness.
Price: $8.99
Tyroler Schinken

Very lean, heavy smoked ham, mild in taste & slightly salty. Mild sugar cured and hand rubbed.  We slice it paper thin for you. Excellent schinken on your good German rye bread. 16 oz.

Size/Type Tyroler Schinken 16 oz.
Tyroler Schinken in 1.5 lb chunk (+$6.15)
Price: $12.29

Bende Cured & Smoked Pork Loin
An excellent Hungarian Smoked boneless pork loin ready to slice and eat. Average weight 1.25 to 1.5 lbs. vacuum packed peice. Just like the picture shows.
Price: $16.99
Bavaria's Old Fashion Bone in Ham No water added!

Whole Bone-In Ham--Serve the best tasting Old-Fashion seasoned, Family-style Ham that money can buy....It'll make you think of Easter and Christmas dinner at Grandma's house-- and your guests will absolutely rave about it! lightly hickory smoked,not salty ,very lean and NO WATER ADDED!! These are also great on the grill. This is our best and most popular ever dinner ham!

Price: $13.45

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