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Wild Game Shipping

You can ship Venison to us via UPS or FED EX:

We ONLY accept very lean and clean meat. The minimum amount required is 15 lbs. . .If you have less we will have to add more beef and pork to your order.
Please keep in mind that if you do not like fat, silver skin or rib cage meat or bone chips ground into your meat products, then you should take extra care in trimming and boning before you send it to us.

Only send the good lean meat from your wild game that you expect to get back made into lean & quality products. We can't do this if you do not take pride in your own wild game meat right from the beginning. Proper care & cleaning of the meat is very important in the starting process of getting a quality product back! Never rinse your meat. You are creating more bacteria.

Freeze your meat in clean clear plastic bags as soon as possible, then ship it to us on a Monday or Tuesday. Do not send your meat in black plastic bags as there generally can be dyes and/or chemicals that may interact with the game meat. You can ship it directly to us in a box, or in your cooler. If it is very warm & humid, as the weather can be during Wisconsin summer months, we prefer that you wait until cooler weather arrives or highly encourage you to be sure that you choose the quickest and most direct route in sending your wild game to us and that it will reach us in good condition. If you live outside of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota, we certainly encourage you to send in your frozen game meat in a cooler or consider using the 2nd Day Air Service available with both UPS and Fed Ex. Also be aware that UPS does NOT make any guarantees concerning Perishable Product and will not make any refunds for the perishable product.

We will ship your finished product back to you in your cooler if you sent it in this way. Otherwise we will use our standard shipping boxes and ice packs as applicable.

Please include a clearly written/printed note with your meat:

  1. your full name
  2. full shipping address (NOT a P.O. Box)
  3. daytime phone number and,
  4. a clear list of what products you would like to have made.

The meat you ship will be matched with lean beef and pork and natural spices. You will loose about 10% of original weight due to natural shrink caused from the smoking, curing & drying of the product.

For example:

If you ship us 25 lbs. of lean and clean boned out wild game.
We will add 25 lbs. of lean beef and pork.
This will make a 50 lb. batch.
With the shrink, you will receive 45 lbs. back.
(You can break up your order into 10 lb. minimums of each product.)

Example of Finished Product:

10 lb. landjager (which gives you 50 pair)
10 lb. Ring Bologna,
15 lbs. Spicy Summer,
and the remainder, 15 lbs. Garlic Summer.

Please NOTE: Please do NOT ship us less than 15 lbs. of wild game.

Store is open only MONDAY -FRIDAY 9-5

Page Summary: You can ship Venison or Wild Game to us via UPS or DHL. Only send the good lean meat of your wild game that you expect to get back. Freeze your meat in clean clear plastic bags. Please include a clearly written/printed note with your meat.

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