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Bavaria Sausage, Inc.

In 1956, Master Sausage Maker, Fred Voll and his wife Käthe came from Schweinfurt, Bavaria, Germany, bringing with them to America, their craftsmanship old fashioned values, $53.00, a 2 year old son and a crate of their belongings.

They got off the boat in New York, then headed  to  Fargo North Dakota where a Colonel in the Army had sponsored them. Fred got a job in the Armour packing plant, walking 12 miles to work and back because he had no car.  Later he took a job with Red Owl grocery store as a butcher.

To help learn English both Fred and Kathe bought a used television set. When the commercials were on, they could see and hear words and objects and relate them. Although at first he had his problems communicating with the customers, Fred became familiar with the language. Soon, he was assigned to work weekends, had to handle the books, and picked up some business saavy in the bargain.

In 1959, when a position with Red Owl opened up in Madison, Wisconsin, Fred was asked to take the job.  After a short time Fred was Manager of the meat department. He always had hoped to get into a business for himself, so he started distributing cakes on a franchise basis for SaraLee. 

In 1962, Fred decided to put his knowledge and training in the meat business to work. Fred at the age of 13, had started as an apprentice meat cutter for 25 cents a week working from 4 am- to 8pm. After passing the apprentice program, he attented a German sausage school and became a Master Sausage Maker. With that background,  he purchased old sausage making equipment and had a small store front in downtown Madison. Fred made his real German Authentic homemade brats and the people came and wanted more! He began to make bigger and bigger batches. That is how the business began!!

Fred and Kathe  purchased  land, Kathe designed and built  a state of the art Federal Inspected  Sausage Making plant. And that is where the sausage is made still today, the same way it always has been. 

Judy, the daughter has been involved in the business since she was 5.  As the years went on, Judy made boxes after school, labeled sasage, helped in packaging, shipping and learned just almost every aspect of the business. She even mixed the special spices. Judy built the store, website & wholesale business to what it is today.

The Bosses

By 1981, the second generation of Bavaria Sausage "wurstmachers", Fred and Käthe's daughter & son-in-law, Judy and Steve, were totally involved in the family business. They have successfully worked their way into every aspect of the business and are handling the future of the business with innovative ideas and the old-fashioned values that the business was originally based on. Steve and Judy have successfully ran the business for over 45 years, with their daughter Kristi (3rd generation) and over 20 employees.  Kristi, was also plant Manager & business manager  up until August, 2023. 

Fred worked until he was 83.  He loved to make his hams, his special Blood & tongue products and Sulze, and he still ran a city route delivery here in Madison, Wisconsin untill he was 83. Fred Passed away in August 2015 at the age of 83.

No recipes or the way we do things have changed in over 62 years. Our products are always consistant and true. 

On June 2nd, 2023  Steve & Judy  decided to sell the Business and totally retire to enjoy life with their kids and grandkids.

The business is now being run by Scott & Lisa Stowell.


Made in our sparkling clean U.S. Government Wurstküche. (Sausage Kitchen) Old world family recipes are turned into a wide variety of sausage and meat products. All recipes are still mixed by hand from traditional all natural bulk spices & authentic seasonings just as they always have been! We use NO artificial coloring, flavoring, liquid smoke, fillers or MSG! 'Never have and never will - It's just that SIMPLE.

Our Bavaria Sausage label, proudly displays the "U.S. Government Inspection Seal" of approval. We believe our product and service represents the finest standards of our industry.

Page Summary: Old world Authentic German sausage in a modern day Bavarian kitchen! The master German sausage makers at Bavaria Sausage, Inc. ship their authentic Bavarian fare nationwide: bratwurst, cold cuts,(aufschnitt), cooking and grilling sausages, knackwurst, Landjager, schinken, summer sausage, rouladen, sauerbraten, schnitzel, imported cheese, chocolate, marzipan, breads, coffee and more.

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