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Haribo, Katjes, Brause & Refreshment stix

» Haribo, Katjes, Brause & Refreshment stix
DeBeukelaer Coffee Stix
Stabchen with 71% filling with coffee extract and 29% dark chocolate. 75g
Edeka Gelee Ananas
4% pinapple fruit juice, with a gelly filling and covered in dark chocolate. 250g
Edeka Gelee Bananen
4% Banana pulp with a gelling agent, covered in dark chocolate. 250g
Haribo Chamaleon
A fun gummy in the shape of a chamaleon! Each chamaleon has a portion of each fruit flavor including apple, cherry, lemon, and raspberry. 175g
Haribo Dunkle Tute
Mixture of licorice and gummy's 175g
Haribo Wine Gums
Original English recipe from Dunhills. Haribo Wine Gums is the typical English fruit gum  speciality with the particularly soft and the typical diamond. Blackcurrant, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry.   175g
Katjes Tropen Fruchte
Katjes Tropen Fruchte 200g
Nordic Sweets Gummi Fish 8oz.
Authentic Scandinavian Sweets- Gummi Fish 8oz
Nordic Sweets Soft Raspberries
Authentic Scandinavian Sweets. Soft Raspberry Candies. 8oz
Haribo Goldbaeren Sauer 175g
HARIBO SAUER GOLDBÄREN   NEW , SAUER GOLD BEARS HARIBO outdoor sour tangy , fruity and sweet inside . The need to just try! 175 gram bag
DeBeukelaer Cola Zitrone Erfrischungs Refreshment Sticks
The sweet refreshment for hot days! The delicious DeBeukelaer refreshment stick cola lemon surprise with a new flavor combination. Enjoy crunchy sticks of dark chocolate that hide a crunchy sugar crust. A liquid core with cola and lemon flavor ensures sparkling enjoyment. The delicious sticks tas...
Haribo Saftbaren
A nice soft chewy candy. Made with 22% fruit juice and Vitamin C 175g bag. Made from fruit juice Pears, Peaches, Raspberries, Limes, Apples, Black Currants.
Haribo Kirsch Cola
Kirsch (Cherry) flavored Cola Bottles. 200g
Griesson Erfrischungs Sticks 150g
Refreshment stix for summer days or anytime!! A real nice fruity liquid filling coated in crunchy chocolate. Better when eaten chilled.  Orange & Lemon.  150g
Haribo Grune Krokodile Sauer
Sauer shaped Krokodiles, cherry & apple, passion fruit and apple & orange, & apple.  Imported from Germany. Vegan Recipe.  175g bag
Haribo Joghurties
A new special fruit gummy with a yoghurt kick. Flavors of cherry, raspberry, lemon, blueberry, and passion fruit. Super light, fluffy and fruity.  You will love them! 160g
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