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Develey Bavarian Sauerkraut

Devely Bayerisches Sauerkraut.(Bavarian Sauerkraut) Mild and delicate. 680gr

Price: $3.18
Develey Bayerischer Rotkohl

From Develey in Germany, a very good Bavarian red cabbage made with apples for extra flavor! This is a 23oz jar that is ready to heat and serve!!

Price: $3.49
Kruegermann Kraut Salad

Baltic style kraut salad, ready to serve. Contains carrots, and onion. 22oz

Price: $4.99

Hengstenberg BAVARIAN Wine Kraut Our No.1 SUPER SPECIAL!!
Here is our best selling Bavarian wine kraut. Super good and mild. Just heat and serve!! 24oz Jar
Price: $2.99
Hengstenberg Mildessa Champagne Kraut
This is an excellent kraut made with grapes and champagne. 3 portions. Just heat and serve. 400g can
Price: $3.69
German Wein Kraut Foil Bag

Mildly seasoned with white wine and tastes great with our bratwurst or Kassler Ripchen! This comes in a foil sealed bag. Bavaria's most popular kraut!!

Size/Type Hengstenberg Mildessa Wein Kraut 17.5 oz. Foil Bag
Kuhne mild Weinkraut 17.5 oz bag
Price: $4.39

Hengstenberg Mildessa Mildes Weinkraut
A great mild German Wine Kraut. These German krauts are the best!. This is a must have. Just heat and serve. Zutaten: Weißkohl, Wein, Salz Zubereitung: Im Kochtopf: Inhalt in einen Topf geben und bei mittlerer Hitze ca. 10-15 Minuten erwärmen, ab und zu umrühren. Je nach Bedarf etwas Wasser oder Brühe zugeben. In der Mikrowelle: Inhalt in ein mikrowellengeeignetes Gefäß geben, gut umrühren, gleichmäßig verteilen, abdecken und max. 10 Minuten bei 600 Watt erwärmen.
Price: $3.89
Hengstenberg Red Cabbage Several sizes

A zesty sweet & sour Red Cabbage specially seasoned with apples.Fully cooked and ready to serve hot or cold. Serve with our good sauerbraten or rouladen!!

Price: $4.39
Hengstenberg ROTKOHL (RED CABBAGE) BIG 4040 gram Can
Here is the traditional good pickled red cabbage by Hengstenberg. This is an old family recipe. BIG 4040g can. Just heat and serve. This can will serve 30 portions.
Price: $20.59

Polish Sauerkraut & Red Cabbage

Polonaise or Agrosik offers a wonderfully new and exciting product line from Poland! This Sauerkraut has the perfect zip to put a little spunk into any meal -- Be sure to try it with your favorite sausage or bratwurst! 33 oz jar

Price: $3.29
Gut & Gunstig Delikatess Rotkohl
From Edeka, their own brand of just heat and serve red cabbage. A big 680g jar. Great with pot roasts, sauerbraten, rouladen, all your good German meals!
Price: $2.99
Kruegermann Sauerkraut

All natural good German sauerkraut. Just heat and serve, with our good knackwurst or kassler! 32oz

Size 32 oz (+$1.20)
16 oz
Price: $3.79


Kruegermann big 1 gallon Red Cabbage, just heat and serve this sweet and sour rot kohl, that is made just like grandmas with apples! Approx 8 lbs of red cabbage! The best kraut, that is so mild and delious! You must have this on your bratwurst. We use this kraut at our own bratwurst grill cookouts here in our parking lot!

Price: $13.99
Kuhne Barrel Sauerkraut
This is a super packed full, barrel shaped jar that weighs 28oz. Great on all our good Bratwurst!
Price: $4.79
Hengstenberg Traditionell Large Red cabbage 18 serving can BUY IN BULK!

Here is a nice size can if you are having a party. This can has 18 servings of the best red cabbage. Just heat and serve. 88.9oz red cabbage red cabbage red cabbage traditionally traditionally provides varied enjoyment throughout the year. For the red cabbage is not only solid culinary companion for a successful holiday roast. Even as a salad, soup or casserole has tasted a lot to offer traditional red cabbage. For its particularly juicy crispness ensure naturnah grown raw materials and the proven family recipe of Hengstenberg

Price: $11.95

This is a super good kraut made by a German family. This is a Berlin style kraut. All Natural, No Preservatives. This Gallon jug weighs 8 lbs. NEVER RINSE- JUST HEAT
Price: $11.99
Kuhne Kraut or Picked Red Cabbage

Very popular items from KuhneThe best red cabbage! .Great with your all your German meals!!

Price: $2.79
Kruegermann Sauerkraut Juice

SAUERKRAUT JUICE is the juice of cabbage, which together with the cabbage is fermented during the making of sauerkraut. Many claims are made for the health benefits of sauerkraut juice. Available in 32 Fl. Oz. jars. THIS JUICE IS PASTURIZED

Price: $3.49

Hengstenberg Mildessa Mild German Sauerkraut With Wine OKTOBERFEST SPECIAL
Germany #1 Sauerkraut with wine. Super mild, super good! Perfect for your Oktoberfest Party! Nice size cans for a group!
Price: $5.49
Kruegermann Red Cabbage & 1 Gallon Size

Sweet & Sour Red Cabbage is great with our rouladen and sauerbraten! Just heat and serve. And the Kraut is great with Kielbasa, on a Bratwurst, or all by itself!

Price: $3.99
Kuhne Holsteiner Grunkohl

Holsteiner Grunkohl Der besonders delikate Grunkohl in Premium-Qualität. Nach Holsteiner Art mit Zwiebeln und Gänseschmalz raffiniert verfeinert. Erhaltlich im 780g .

Price: $5.49

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