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Old Forest Salami

This is also a very lean Salami made from very lean pork. That very European flavor that we all love! This has a nice flower shaped look that will look very nice on a platter.

Price: $12.99
Bavarian Salami

This is a great European Salami. Fermented and air dried until it reaches that special unique flavor.

Price: $10.99
Bavaria's Black Forest Salami

This is the strongest of all our salami's. So very lean and Thin Sliced. Spiced with Pine Needles & Juniper Berries. Exceptionally Lean Hard Salami. Serve on our good direct from Germany hard rolls.

Price: $10.99

Bavaria Rum Salami

A very lean Hard Salami that's made with real Jamaican Rum. Aged to perfection, to get that extra-special rum flavor. This is an excellent addition to your aufschnitt plate. 16 oz. ( picture is different than this actual batch now, if you want the flower design get the old German)

Price: $10.99
Mustard Seed Salami
Here is a very good lean salami with lots of mustard seeds. This is a nice square peice, which looks good on a platter. Real old German flavor.
Price: $12.99
Bavaria's Hungarian Salami

Excellent for hors d'oevres! or on our good Brotchen. A VERY lean Hard Salami made with red wine and garlic. Aged to perfection. Note - During summer months this salami is a little softer because of the humidity here in Wisconsin.

Price: $9.89

Bavaria's Wine Salami

Our Wine Salami is a super lean Hard Salami. Made with red wine. It is so delicious that it doesn't need a slice of cheese or even a crisp cracker to bring out the fabulous & mouthwatering flavors. Your guests will be asking for more! EXTRA lean and good! Sliced thin.

Price: $10.99
Alps Salami
A great "European" tasting salami. Lean and good! 16oz sliced package or chunk. Just gets better as it ages!!
Price: $12.99
Peppercorn Salami
A very European air dried aged salami made with whole peppercorns. We slice it thin and air seal it.
Price: $12.99

Pepperoni Salami
A real good sliced lean pepperoni for your sandwich, salad or pizza. 16 oz sliced and sealed.
Price: $6.99
Picante Spicy Hard Salami

Here is a hard salami with good spicy . If you like your salami with a very zesty spicy flavor this is it.

Price: $12.99
Genoa Salami
Made from lean cuts of Pork and beef and natural spices. Sliced thin for your sandwiches. 16 oz sealed pack
Price: $9.59

Old Fashioned Natural Casing Summer Sausage
This is an old-time favorite! Stuffed into a natural casing, let it hang and age naturally-as hard as you like it-this allows the great seasonings and spices to come full flavor! This is a Very lean sausage. You're gonna love it!
Price: $7.89
Bende Hungarian Brand Salami

Hungarian Brand Salami, Vacuum Packed.

Price: $9.59

Authentic 400 Gram  Pick Salami imported from Hungary. This company has been around since 1869.

Price: $9.99

All Beef Salami

Great for a gift and available in a large variety of sizes!

Price: $1.79

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