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Sunnmore Pepper Makrell

Sunnmore Pepper Makrell in rapeseed oil, salt, and spices! 5oz

Price: $5.39

Here is the new 4kg ( 8.8 lbs) bucket that the Whole Holland Herring will be coming in. These whole Headles herring are in a salt brine.  THESE GO FAST, THEN IT TAKES 8 WEEKS TO GET THEM AGAIN! They do keep great for a very long time in your fridge.

Type Whole Holland Herring MIXED ( males & females) 4 kg bucket
Whole Holland Milkers 4 kg bucket
Price: $46.50
Abba Salt Herring

 Salted Herring fillets from Sweden. They come in a 13lb bucket

List Price: $72.99
Price: $69.95

Richter Herring Fillets in a Salt brine BULK

A nice selection of BULK herring, some are used for making your own herring salad. Some are ready to eat. They will keep a very long time in your refrig. because they are in a very heavy salt brine. 

Type Richter Herring FILLETS Salted Skinless 4.4lbs.
Richter Rollmops 6.6lbs- (+$8.50)
Richter Matjes Fillets "Nordic Style" 2.500g-- This Fish Is In A Canola Oil- NOT SALT BRINE
Price: $29.99
Abba Marinated Herring Inlagd Sill

 pickled herring pieces in traditional marinade with onion and carrot. Great on rye or crispbread and best enjoyed with a shot of aquavit

Price: $31.99
Klades Holmen Norse Pearl Matjes Herring Filets

Norse Pearl Matjes Herring Fillets. 4.4lb bucket. Herring, water, sugar,salt,dill,vinegar and spices. Product from Sweden

Price: $29.95

Richter Rollmops Rolled Herring 17.5 oz Jar

A Delightful Marinated Herring in a jar with spices & seasoning. The Fancy Herring with the Pickle in the Middle! Marinated with Salt, Onions, Mustard Seed, Wine Vinegar & Spices. Product of Cuxhaven, Germany.

Price: $6.59
Richter Marinated Bismarck Herring 17. 5 oz Jar

Herring at its finest! Bismarck Herring in Vinegar & a Special Blend of Spices & Seasonings for a Mouth-watering Fresh Flavor! Product of Cuxhaven, Germany.

Type Richter Marinated Bismarck Herring -- 17. 5 oz Jar
BUY 2 17.5 oz Jars Richter Bismark Herring (+$5.36)
Price: $6.59
Falkeskog Whole Sprats of Anchovy

This is a glass jar full of whole anchovys. Primary Produce of the highest quality , prepared according to old swedish recipies. 630 g of which 380g is herring.

Price: $9.89

Richter Matjes Style Herring Fillets and Other Matjes Fillets

Richter Matjes Style Herring Fillets and Other Matjes Fillets
One of our most requested Herring favorites from Richter. Tender Herring Fillets in Salt & Vegetable Oil. Cryovac packed for maximum freshness!

Type Richter Matjes Herring Fillets in rapeseed oil -8.8oz. Cryovac Pack (+$0.60)
Larsen Matjes Herring Fillets in Canola Oil 500gr (+$7.66)
Ice Land Matjes- Fillets Krauter
Price: $4.29
Abba Assorted Herring

A very popular brand. Imported from Sweden. We have many to choose from.

Type Abba Matjes Herring in tin 7.0oz-- SOLD OUT!!!! (+$1.40)
Abba Pickled Herring in dill Jar 8.5oz (+$1.10)
Abba Herring in Onions 8.5oz Jar (+$1.10)
Abba Anchovy Style Fillets in a tin 3.5 oz (+$1.30)
Abba Swedish Herring in Traditional Marinade 9.3 oz (+$1.10)
Price: $3.49
Royal Sweden 0r Abba Lumpfish Caviar Black

Imported from Sweden, black lumpfish caviar for your party! This comes in a 3.5 oz. jar

Price: $6.99

Smoked Whole Buckling Herring

 This is a whole smioked Herring ready t o eat. Smoked with natural wood smoke. Average .50 to .65 weight

Price: $5.99
Abba Kalles Caviar in a tube Spread

Here is a very popular caviar spread from Abba of Sweden. Excellent for your holiday entertaining. Great on crackers and rye bread. 6.7oz

Price: $4.89
Whole Smoked Mackerel & Peppered Fillets

 These are really nice. Whole smoked Mackerel ready to eat. Average weight is 1 to 1.30 lbs.

Size/Type Whole smoked Mackeral average weight 1 to 1.30 lbs
Peppered Mackerel Fillets (+$1.00)
Plain Mackerel Fillets (+$1.00)
Price: $9.99

Abba Whole Anchovy

Original Ansjovis. Whole anchovys from Sweden. Net weight 15.9 oz can

Price: $9.39
Larsen Dorschleber
Great on crackers with a glass of beer.This can contains Cod liver in its own juice and oil. . The unique taste will surprise you. 115g
Price: $4.69
Alstertor Herring

A Delightful assortment of Fine German Herring with wonderful flavor variety!

Type Kipper Snacks 3.5 oz
Buklingsfilet (Smoked Herring) in Oil 6.7oz (+$1.50)
Herring in Dill Herb Sauce 7 oz. (+$0.90)
Herring in Horseradish Cream 7 oz. (+$0.90)
Herring in Tomato cream Sauce 7 oz. (+$0.90)
Herring Fillets in Mushroom cream Sauce 7 oz (+$0.90)
Herring Fillets in Dijon Mustard Sauce 7oz (+$0.90)
Fried Herring in spicy marinade Brathering 17.6 oz (+$2.60)
Price: $4.99

Appel Filetierte Bratheringe
Goldbraun gebraten & in Wurziger Marinade 325g Great Fried Herring!! Ready to eat.
Price: $7.29
Alaskan Smoked Salmon

FOR YOUR PARTY!!!!!Excellent Whole Salmon from Alaska. We cure, cook and smoke it right here in Madison, Wisconsin! Never too salty! . Fish is cut in half. Very mild cure NOT salty

Type Smoked salmon 1 to 1 1/2 lb chunk
Price: $8.99
Appel Herring

Herring Fillets in a wide variety of flavors to choose from. A true European seafood favorite!

Type Appel Herring Filets in Tomato-cream 200g (+$0.40)
Herring in Paprika cream Sauce 7.5 oz. (+$0.40)
Herring in Eier-Senf Creme Sauce 7.5 oz.
Smoked Herring (Kipper) in Oil 7.5 oz.
Appel Herring Filets Tomato Burgunder Art 200g (+$0.40)
Appel Herring in Pfeffer-Cream 200g (+$0.40)
Appel Herring in Sahne-Meerrettich Cream 200g (+$0.40)
Appel Herring in Gewuerz-Ketchup 200g (+$0.40)
Appel Tomate & Curry (+$0.40)
Appel Makrele Gourmet Filets in Tomaten-Creme (+$0.40)
Appel Herring Fillets In Tomato-Mozzarella (+$0.04)
Appel Herring Makrele in Tomaten-Creme (+$0.04)
Appel Herring Frischkase-Schnittlauch (+$0.40)
Price: $3.59

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