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Cold Cuts "Aufschnitt"

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Aufschnitt Assortment of Cold Cuts
1 lb. assortment of our most popular German cold cuts. Sliced and Cryovac sealed for freshness.
Price: $8.35
Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast
The best hickory smoked turkey breast, sliced and sealed for your sandwiches. Great hickory smoked, oven roasted. No MSG 99% Fat Free 
Price: $10.59
Sliced Fleischkase Leberkase
Baked Fleischkäse / Leberkäse This Bavarian Favorite is made from Lean Beef and Pork, mildly spiced and baked to perfection! This is wunderful fried and served hot with a good German brotchen. You get a 16 oz Sealed Pack
Price: $8.25
Sliced Pastrami
Pastrami has to be on of the most flavorful options when it comes to a beef sandwich meat. The raw meat is brined, partially dried, seasoned with herbs and spices, then smoked and steamed. Keeping all the spices on the top, we thinly slice it so it is ready for your sandwich, pastrami and hash re...
Price: $10.99
Sliced Roast Beef
Serve it hot or serve it cold, either way it makes a wonderful deli meat. Roast beef is a leaner cut of beef that it cooked to perfection as it is best to not over cook it. 1lb packages. 
Price: $9.99
Bavaria's Blood Sausage Blutwurst
blood sausage is one of the specialties in Germany. Made from Beef or pork blood and natural spices. Fully cooked, slice and serve cold or tried fried either method is a delicious way to enjoy this nutritious sausage.
Price: $8.89
Jagdwurst mit Pistachio Nuts
Our Jagdwurst ("Hunter-style" cold cut) is made with lean Beef and Pork--mildly seasoned, contains Pistachio Nuts! Comes sliced & sealed to ensure freshness. You will get a 16 oz sealed pack.
Price: $8.25
Blood and Tongue Sausage
blood and tongue sausage is one of the specialties in Germany. Made from  pork blood, pork tongues and natural spices. Fully cooked, slice and serve cold or tried fried either method is a delicious way to enjoy this nutritious sausage.
Price: $8.89
Schinkenwurst Ham Sausage
Made with lean very Beef & Pork--and big chunks of Lean Ham!
Price: $8.25
Bavaria's Bierwurst
A mildly seasoned lean pork & beef slicing coldcut. Super lean!! The mustard seed gives it body as well as a great flavor! Definitely a favorite among our customers!
Price: $8.25
Ham Sulze
Sulze or head cheese, super tasty!
Price: $9.99
Lyoner German Bologna
Sliced and cryovac sealed to ensure freshness! Made from finely ground lean Pork & Beef--mildly seasoned! Old fashioned goodness and exceptional flavor that cannot be compared to American-style Bologna.
Price: $8.25
Veal Loaf ( Slicing gelb wurst no parsley)
This is a very mild veal sausage in the slicing form. This is just like the gelbwurst. Made with lean veal and pork, milk and spices. 16oz sliced pack.
Price: $8.25
Preskopf Head Cheese, 3 lbs.
3 lbs. of traditional German head cheese to serve with fresh Brotchen or with other coldcuts. This is made from lean pieces of cheak meat from the pig. This is not a sour head cheese.
Price: $26.30
Slicing Summer Sausage, 4 lbs.
Approx. 4 lbs. of Summer Sausage for slicing. All beef and natural hickory smoked. No "Aufschnitt" is complete without it! We offer our original all beef flavor.
Price: $35.20
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