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3lb Slab Bacon
Bavaria's Double Smoked Bacon- FOR YOUR BLT"S A treat for your summer sandwiches and salads! We start with lots of lean pork and double sm...
Price: $16.99
Authentic German Sauerbraten Meal
This is a real Authentic receipe.Top Choice Chuck Roast marinated in Red wine, vinegar, and special German spices. This meal includes: 1 Marinated ...
Price: $3.99
Bavaria's Blood Sausage Blutwurst
blood sausage is one of the specialties in Germany. Made from Beef or pork blood and natural spices. Fully cooked, slice and serve cold or tried fr...
Price: $8.59
Blood and Tongue Sausage
blood and tongue sausage is one of the specialties in Germany. Made from  pork blood, pork tongues and natural spices. Fully cooked, slice and...
Price: $8.59
Blutwurst blood Sausage Links
A smoked blood sausage that is ready to eat or Fry. If you fry- place in water and simmer for 3-4 minutes then fry. Theses come 2 links to a pa...
Price: $9.59
Fresh Fleischkase (Leberkase) Meal
This authentic Bavarian meal comes with a 2 lb. avg. loaf of Fresh Fleischkase, ready to bake, along with a package of German Potatoes. We've t...
Price: $14.89
Lars Swedish Meatballs
Swedish Meatballs by Lar's Own - 2.5 Pound Bag (2.5 pound) These delicious all-natural Swedish meatballs are frozen and fully cooked....
List Price: $20.95
Price: $17.95
Leberkase for Baking (Fleischkase) RAW in oven ready pan
NOTICE!! This is a great Bavarian meal. A 1 1/2 to 2lb. pan of raw leberkase (fleishkäse) Just bake and serve hot. All instructions on label. ...
Price: $8.59
Bavaria's Old Fashion Bone in Ham No water added!
Whole Bone-In Ham--Serve the best tasting Old-Fashion seasoned, Family-style Ham that money can buy....It'll make you think of Easter and Chris...
Price: $13.45
Made with very lean beef, pork and natural spices. Knackwurst will crack when you bite into them. Similar taste to a Frankfurter. Mild and more of ...
Price: $6.59
REAL Authentic Polish Kielbasa
Course ground with a touch of garlic. This is a very old Polish Family recipe that is simply delicious. Try it on your grill, fry it with potatoes...
Price: $7.39
Whole Baked Leberkase Loaf
 Here is a nice 6 1/2 to 7 lb loaf of baked Leberkase for you to slice up and serve hot or use for sandwiches. All you need is the good brotch...
Price: $41.95
Beautiful Pork Hax Schweinehaxe SMOKED or RAW
 Boy, these are hard to come by. Well, we have them! They are all fully cooked, smoked to perfection and ready to eat. Serve with some good sa...
Price: $8.59
Smoked Whole Young Natural Fresh Turkey READY TO JUST CUT UP AND EAT!!
The very best cured and smoked 11 - 13 lb all natural Amish Turkey Ready to eat. What a great party hord'oerve.
Price: $45.59
Ham Sulze
Sulze or head cheese, super tasty!
Price: $9.79
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