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Fresh Fleischkase (Leberkase) Meal
This authentic Bavarian meal comes with a 2 lb. avg. loaf of Fresh Fleischkase, ready to bake, along with a package of Rosti Potatoes. We've taken the fuss out of German cooking so that your guests will be absolutely delighted - and so will you!
Price: $13.89
Stuffed Rouladen For Baking

STUFFED ROULADEN are buttered with mustard, then stuffed with bacon, onions, parsley, dill pickle and carrots.

Price: $14.50
Rouladen Meat 4 pcs. or stuffed
Here we offer you just the MEAT slices so that you can make and prepare your own rouladen in your own special way. 4 Large thin slices of U.S.D.A Choice Beef. Sliced just right for that perfect meal. Remember to order the red cabbage and dumplings to go with it!! 4 large pieces ave 1 to 1 1/4 lbs. NOTICE! OVERNIGHT or 2 DAY SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS or WARM STATES!
Price: $7.59

2 lb. Smoked Pork Chops Meal

2 lbs. of mild cured,smoked and fully cooked kassler ripchen (smoked pork chops). Approx 6-8 pcs - Also comes with a package of our German mild wine kraut and a box of rosti potatoes.. All you provide is your beer! The chops can just be steamed in the kraut or lightly cooked on the grill or baked in the oven.

Price: $17.99
Authentic German Sauerbraten Meal
This is a real Authentic receipe.Top Choice Chuck Roast marinated in Red wine, vinegar, and special German spices. This meal includes: 1 Marinated Sauerbraten (3-4 lbs), 1 jar red cabbage and 1 bag spaetzle. This is sure to be a huge hit!!! Feeds approx 4 people
Price: $3.59
Rouladen Meal WHAT A GREAT GIFT!
BETTER THAN GOING OUT!! This Authentic and deliciously seasoned Meal includes 4 pcs. Stuffed Rouladen (2-3 lbs), 1 jar Pickled Red Cabbage and 1 Bag Spaetzle; complete with cooking instructions sure to please your whole family! (If you would rather have dumplings, please advise us in the special instructions section of the order form.)Serves approx 4 people. NOTICE! OVERNIGHT OR 2 DAY SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS AND TO WARMER STATES!
Price: $23.99

Smoked Kassler 3 4 lbs Pork Loin / kraut SUPER GOOD!

These are so good, and Juicy. Easy meal to make. Fully cooked and ready to just heat up. You get a 3-4 lb peice. It is great just heated up in the oven with some good German kraut!!

Price: $26.50
Pork Schnitzel Unbreaded Avg 1.35 to 1.75 Pound 4 6 pieces
Very lean cut and hand pounded pork cutlets. 4 to 6 pcs. per pak. Ready to bread and fry. ( Not Breaded) NOTICE! OVERNIGHT SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS!
Price: $9.59
Pork Shanks Smoked
Large and meaty, not salty, smoked and cured pork shanks. These are hickory smoked and fully cooked and ready to just heat and serve. Serve with a good German wine kraut or just add to your favorite homemade soup. Average weight 1 lb - 1 3/4 lbs
Price: $5.99

Leberkase for Baking (Fleischkase) RAW in oven ready pan

NOTICE!! This is a great Bavarian meal. A 1 1/2 to 2lb. pan of raw leberkase (fleishkäse) Just bake and serve hot. All instructions on label. Serve with good German potato salad, mustard and a good beer!! NOTICE!! OVERNIGHT SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS!

Price: $8.59
Veal Schnitzel

Lean milk fed veal cutlets, hand pounded and ready to bread and fry. Very tender. NOT BREADED. Serve with rosti potatoes or a good German potato salad. NOTICE! ! OVERNIGHT SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS!

Price: $13.99
Fresh Domestic Farm Raised Rabbit

These are raised with no chemicals. Fresh Raised rabbit. They are very meaty!!

Price: $22.99

Gut & Gunstig Paniermehl breadcrumbs

1 large box of breadcrumbs for breading your schnitzel or fish. Aus Ofenfrischem Weizenbrot. Imported from Germany. This is a Edeka product

Price: $4.69
Bavaria's Old Fashion Bone in Ham No water added!

Whole Bone-In Ham--Serve the best tasting Old-Fashion seasoned, Family-style Ham that money can buy....It'll make you think of Easter and Christmas dinner at Grandma's house-- and your guests will absolutely rave about it! lightly hickory smoked,not salty ,very lean and NO WATER ADDED!! These are also great on the grill. This is our best and most popular ever dinner ham!

Price: $13.45

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