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Haribo Rainbow Wummis
Colorful sauer worms! Each worm has flavors of black currnat, lemon, and strawberry! 160g
Haribo Wine Gums
Original English recipe from Dunhills. Haribo Wine Gums is the typical English fruit gum  speciality with the particularly soft and the typical diamond. Blackcurrant, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry.   175g
Hela Currywurst Sauce
Hela Curry Wurst Sauce with a fruity-spicy flavor. Perfect sauce for your currywurst! 330g
Hengstenberg Bavarian Wine Kraut
Our Wine Sauerkraut is No. 1 in Germany and the most popular all over the world. The secret of our Sauerkraut is its mild flavor and the gentle processing of selected cabbage from local contract farming – 100%
Hengstenberg Bulk Wine Kraut
Hengstenberg Mildessa Mild Wine kraut BULK can. For a larger group this can has approx 72 servings. The best German original kraut, Made from white cabbage, wine, and salt. Full of vitamin C.  gluten Free, No preservatives, no artificial coloring, Lactose Free   342 oz or 21...
Hengstenberg Cornichons Hot
Cornichons in herbal-spicy infusion. 370g
Hengstenberg Knax Crunchy Gherkins
Pickled in a delicious vinegar infusion with fine herbs. All natural, gluten free. 24.3oz 
Hengstenberg Knax Crunchy Gherkins Hot and Spicy 24oz
The spicy KNAX gherkins are pickled in an infusion with chilli. This gives them a delicious spiciness. But it is not only the special aroma, but also the crunchiness that distinguishes these gherkins.  
Hengstenberg Mildessa Mildes Weinkraut 400g / 14oz. Can
Our Mildessa Mild Wine Sauerkraut offers unadulterated sauerkraut enjoyment, finely seasoned with a dash of white wine. Due to its gentle preparation, it becomes particularly mild and juicy, remains crunchy and is rich in natural vitamin C. 
Hengstenberg Mildessa Mildes with Wine in Pouch
This Mildessa mild flavoured Sauerkraut is our classic Sauerkraut product in a modern, convenient packaging and a real all-rounder in the kitchen. Open the pouch, heat the kraut in a pot or in a microwaveable container in the microwave and enjoy. There is no easier or quicker way to enjoy Sauerkr...
Hengstenberg Mildessa Saurkraut No Wine in Pouch
Mildessa Mild Sauerkraut without wine The classic without wine
Hengstenberg Red Cabbage with Apple 24oz
Hengstenberg Mildessa Apfelrotkohl 720gm - Traditional German Apple & Red Cabbage
Hengstenberg Red Cabbage - Traditional-24oz
Hengstenberg Traditioneller Rotkohl. Imported from Germany. 
Hengstenberg Salz Dill Gurken
Often times known as the "sour cucumbers." These Salz Dill Gurkens have the perfect tart-sour and slightly salty taste. 24.3oz 

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