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Haribo Buddy Crew
A fun treat for real buddies. Sweet teddy bears made of soft, fruity, marshmallow with small fruit gum in the middle. Raspberry vanilla, cherry, or pasion fruit flavors! 160g
Haribo Chamaleon
A fun gummy in the shape of a chamaleon! Each chamaleon has a portion of each fruit flavor including apple, cherry, lemon, and raspberry. 175g
Haribo Crazy Python
Haribo Gummy Snakes 175g bag
Haribo Dreierkette
Triple chain of gummy soccer players. Flavors include black currant, strawberry, and lemon. 175g
Haribo Dunkle Tute
Mixture of licorice and gummy's 175g
Haribo Konfekties
Haribo Konfekties- Licorice sticks filled with fruit flavoring inside! 175g *Suggested Sale by date of 05/2017
Haribo Lakritz Parade
You will never get sick of the same type of Licorice when choosing this bag! This bag has a full mix from Haribo Color-Rado, Phantasia, Konfekt, and stafetten. 175g 
Haribo Rainbow Wummis
Colorful sauer worms! Each worm has flavors of black currnat, lemon, and strawberry! 160g
Haribo Wine Gums
Original English recipe from Dunhills. Haribo Wine Gums is the typical English fruit gum  speciality with the particularly soft and the typical diamond. Blackcurrant, pineapple, lemon, lime, orange, and raspberry.   175g
Hela Currywurst Sauce
Hela Curry Wurst Sauce with a fruity-spicy flavor. Perfect sauce for your currywurst! 330g
Hengstenberg Bavarian Wine Kraut
Our Wine Sauerkraut is No. 1 in Germany and the most popular all over the world. The secret of our Sauerkraut is its mild flavor and the gentle processing of selected cabbage from local contract farming – 100%
Hengstenberg Bulk Wine Kraut
Hengstenberg Mildessa Mild Wine kraut BULK can. For a larger group this can has approx 72 servings. The best German original kraut, Made from white cabbage, wine, and salt. Full of vitamin C.  gluten Free, No preservatives, no artificial coloring, Lactose Free   342 oz or 21...

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