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BauernBrot 1/2 Baked Round Loafs

 Bauernbrot Traditional craftsmanship rye bread baked with leaven. A crispy crust and juicy crumb to support the aromatic flavor of this bread. 35.4oz. (1kg) each COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: Defrost OR BAKE FOR 10-15 MIN.AT 350 DEGREES

Price: $7.69
Gut & Gunstig Bauernbrot Bread Mix

Here is a very popular german bread mix! This 1000g package makes up two wonderful loafs of bread! Very simple, just add water!

Price: $4.99
Gut & Gunstig Roggen Mischbrot

Here is a very popular bread mix made by Gut & Gunstig! Roggen Mischbrot makes up to two loafs of bread with its 1000g package. Just add water and enjoy!

Price: $4.99

Stone Oven Bread 1/2 Baked
 Steinofenbrot This light and airy rye bread is a top seller in Europe. It is a rustic bread is made from a traditional recipe, with the best ingredients available and is still baked in a real stone oven (hence the name, of course!). 17.7oz. (500g) each COOKING INSTRUCTIONS: DEFROST OR BAKE FOR 10-15 MIN. 350 DEGREES. STEAM DOES HELP!
Price: $6.29
4lb loaves of Rudolph Tiefenfurter German Rye Breads

Rudolph's brand rye is one of our most popular double crusted rye breads. Real hearth baked, double crusted breads. Use what you need & freeze the unused portion until the next time! Great Traditional German Family Style Bread available in various sizes! NO SUGAR, FAT or other chemicals are introduced to these breads. Only natural taste and flavor.

Type sliced 4lbs
Price: $8.79
Tiefenfurter Landbrot (Bauernbrot) 1 lb. Loaf

Farmer Rye Bread(Bauernbrot), Hearty & Delicious Double crust; our most popular! This is a 1lb. sliced

Price: $3.19

2lb sliced	Tiefenfurter Landbrot
 2lb sliced
Price: $5.49
Rudolph's Farmers Festival Rye Bread
 A super nice lighter rye bread that is high in fiber. No sugar added! Stone hearth baked. 1 lb sliced loaf. Ingredients: unbleached wheat flour, water, unbleached rye flour, sour dough (water, organic rye flour, sour culture), salt, yeast, vegetable oil (canola or soybean), calcium propionate (a preservative). 
Price: $3.19
Rudolph's Schlesier Brot
A popular German rye bread that is dense on dark. Comes sliced and whole. Ingredients: rye flour, wheat flour, sour dough (rye flour and bacterial culture), yeast, salt, (may contain calcium propionate).
Type 2 lbs SLICED
2 lbs WHOLE
Price: $5.49

Rudolph's Bavarian Multi Grain
Ingredients: water, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, cracked whole wheat, organic sour (organic rye, water and culture), whole rye seed, whole rolled oats, coarse whole rye grain, sunflower seed, flax seed, sesame seed, organic salt, yeast, calcium propionate (a preservative), rolled in sesame, flax and sunflower seed.
Price: $3.19
Rudolph's Schinkenbrot
A nice Multi-grain, course whole rye bread, high in natural dietary fibres..Ingredients: water, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sour dough (water, organic rye flour, sour culture), whole rye seed, whole coarse rye grain, salt, yeast, calcium propionate (a preservative).
Size/Type 1 lb. SLICED
2 lb NOT SLICED (+$2.30)
2 Lb SLICED (+$2.30)
Price: $3.19
Rudolph's Linseed Bread
Very healthy! Multi-grain, nut-like tasting whole rye bread with linseeds, high in natural dietary fibres and natural laxative property of linseed. Fibre- rich! Ingredients: water, unbleached wheat flour, whole wheat flour, sour dough (water, organic rye flour, sour culture), cracked whole wheat, coarse rye flour, sesame seeds, flax, salt, yeast, calcium propionate (a preservative). Comes in 1 lb. sliced loaf.
Price: $3.19

Delba Breads From Germany (Feldkamp)

All used raw materials are coming from control The natural ingredients and the special baking process give our Rye Breads a delicious taste. Delba Rye Breads are a contribution to the wholesome and high-fiber diet. - without preservatives - without chemical baking aids 16.75 oz

Type Delba Whole Grain Pumpernickel
DelbaFamous Fitness Bread 16.75 oz
Delba Three Grain Bread 16.75 oz
Delba Whole Rye bread with Muesli 16.75 oz
Delba Sunflower Seed Bread 16.75 oz
Delba Whole Rye Vollkeornbrot Bread 16oz
Price: $3.69
Rudolphs Sunflower Bread
 A real nice rye bread made with sunflower All Rudolphs breads are baked FREE of sugar and cholesterol but their flavor to the fullest whether you want it toasted for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch or have it with wine for dinner, you can be assured that the breads do not lose an inch of their abundant great flavors. 16 oz sliced 
Price: $3.19
Mestemacher All Natural German Pumpernickel Bread 17.6 oz.
Rich Pumpernickel flavor exclusively from Mestemacher!
Price: $4.49

Mestemacher German Three Grain Bread 17.6 oz.
Rye with wheat, oats, linseed and sesame--Hearty style and flavor!
Price: $4.49
Mestemacher Whole Rye (vollkornbrot)
A great hearty Rye! Mestemacher is known for quality breads!
Price: $4.49
Prunte Breads From Germany
Here is a nice selection of different rye breads, Prünte - Quality out of tradition The Wilhelm Prünte GmbH is a family-owned business, specialised in the production of highest quality Pumpernickel and whole grain rye bread. We proudly look back on 6 generations of baking experience. Having emerged from a small bakery in the Münsterland region in Northern Germany, the company has continuously maintained the values of traditional baking. The art of bread-baking is the key guideline for all our business activities. We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations with our quality and our service. We rigorously ensure the high quality of our products and challenge ourselves to offer exceptional service to our customers.
Size/Type Prunte Sun Flower Rye Bread 17.6oz
Prunte Party Pumpernickel Bread 250g
Price: $3.59

Schlunder Bread

 This bread is 2 different kinds in 1 package. You get Sonnenblumenbrot and Leisamenbrot (sunflower and lindseed bread) Super healthy rye bread. Whole Grain Rye and Dark Rye and Pumpernickel and Vollkornbrot Combo. Package weighs 17.6 oz 

Type Lindseed and Sunflower combo
Whole Grain Rye
Dark Rye
Pumpernickel and Vollkornbrot
Price: $4.29
Aurora Bread Mixes
Ein Brot, das zu allem passt! Aus feinstem Weizen- und bestem Roggenmehl ist dieses Brot herzhaft im Geschmack. Seine kräftige Kruste macht es besonders knusprig. Ideal auch für den Brotbackautomaten geeignet Packungsgröße: 500 g
Size/Type Aurora Bauernkruste 500g
Buy 2 Aurora Bauernkruste 500g (+$2.80)
Aurora Rustikales Landbrot 500g bag
BUY 2 Aurora Rustikales Landbrot 500g (+$2.80)
Aurora Vollwertkruste 500g bag
BUY 2 Aurora Vollwertkruste 500g bag (+$2.80)
Aurora Roggen Dinkelbrot 500g package
BUY 2 Aurora Roggen Dinkelbrot 500g package (+$2.80)
Price: $3.19
Leimer Backerbsen

200g Great for in soup. like a crouton.

Size 200g bag
BUY 4 BAGS (+$9.20)
Price: $3.19

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