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Milka Bubbly Alpine Milk
Aerated Alpine Milk Chocolate 90g
Oktoberfest Festive Dinner Plates
 Package includes (8) Oktoberfest Dinner Plates to match your party theme. Each paper plate measures approximately 9" in diameter.
Real Swiss Kalberwurst - Precooked Ring
Made by Heinz, our Swiss Master Sausage Maker. This is a very mild product, made from veal, pork, milk and mild spices.. We offer it several different ways.
Schinkenspeck 1# Sliced
This is a Rich Double Smoked-Cured Ham. Very lean and very full flavored with mouth watering mild seasoning. Sliced thin and sealed for freshness. Great with a good German Rye Bread or served with Fruit(as you would with Proscuitto) but even better!
Stuffed Rouladen Recipe
Serve with wide egg noodles or dumplings and red cabbage (optional).
PriceSee Above
Wisconsin Baby Swiss
This Baby Swiss has a delightfully creamy and very mild nutty taste.This is a full cream cheese. A delicious favorite for slicing or melting,
Abba Assorted Herring
A very popular brand. Imported from Sweden. We have many to choose from.
All Beef Summer Sausage OUR BIGGEST LOG
This is "Our" biggest stick of pure all beef summer sausage. No water, fillers, additives or MSG are ever used in making our sausage. This sausage is very lean and natural hickory smoked. Average 2.50 lb.
German Pretzel longs (Laugen)
Our authentic German Laugen Pretzel longs come direct from Munich, Bavaria 1/2 baked so you just need to finish cooking them using the cooking instructions in the package. You get 8 pretzel longs of 125g or 4.42 oz each for that special sandwich. These come pre-salted and are much heavier than Ge...
Casali Choco Bananas 150g
12 Chocolate covered banana. Inside is real banana cream. .. "NEW" Schoko - Orange -- Made in Austria
Dr. Oetker Kase Kuchen (Cheesecake)
A great cheese cake kit from Germany.  570g. Just add 250g butter, 4 eggs, 500g Quark and 300g Yogurt to mix to make a delicious cheesecake
German Butterkase Cheese 16 oz.
Our German Butterkase Cheese is a slightly aged type of Brick Cheese, similar to a mild Tilsit cheese 'Great on a sandwich or with fruit and wine!'   You get a 16 oz chunk. ** The Bauer Butter cheese is not available at this time. The brand we have now is from Kaserei Holtsee
Griesson Erfrischungs Sticks 150g
Refreshment stix for summer days or anytime!! A real nice fruity liquid filling coated in crunchy chocolate. Better when eaten chilled.  Orange & Lemon.  150g
Larsen Kaviar Black Lumpfish
Larsen Swedish Lumpfish caviar. Spread on a cracker or a piece of rye bread and enjoy. 3.5 oz
Leberkase for Baking (Fleischkase) Raw Pan
NOTICE!! This is a great Bavarian meal. A 1 1/2 to 2lb. pan of raw leberkase (fleishkäse) Just bake and serve hot. All instructions on label. Serve with good German potato salad, mustard and a good beer!! NOTICE!! OVERNIGHT SHIPPING DURING THE WARMER MONTHS!
Lowensenf Extra Scharf (Hot) Mustard in Tube
This is the original hot Düsseldorfer, in a ltube. This is one of the most popular mustards. The tube is a really nice package. Easier to use.
Lyoner German Bologna
Sliced and cryovac sealed to ensure freshness! Made from finely ground lean Pork & Beef--mildly seasoned! Old fashioned goodness and exceptional flavor that cannot be compared to American-style Bologna.
Maggi Fondor
Fondor can be used on salads, vegtables, sauces, potatoes, soups, rice, meat or fish.
Milka Bubbly White
Milk chocolate outside with bubbly white chocolate inside! 95g
Mustard Seed Salami
Here is a very good lean salami with lots of mustard seeds. This is a nice square peice, which looks good on a platter. Real old German flavor.

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