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UNIQUE Wisconsin Specialty Cheeses!!
UNIQUE Wisconsin Specialty Cheeses!!
Here are several new, but popular specialty cheeses that our store customers buy over and over. 7.5 oz piece
Price: $5.29
Wisconsin Mild Brick Cheese
  • Wisconsin Mild Brick Cheese 16 oz chunk - Mild Brick is a young cheese with a creamy texture . Great for sandwiches or just on a cracker.
Price: $6.59
Wisconsin Monteray Jack Cheese

Monterey Jack is an American semihard cheese, customarily white, made using cow's milk. It is commonly sold by itself, or mixed with Colby to make a marbled cheese known as Colby-Jack. Cheddar-Jack and Pepper Jack varieties are also available.

Price: $5.49

Wisconsin Cheese Shapes

Here is a nice selection of good natural medium cheddar cheese waxed in the shape of many Wisconsin shapes.

Price: $4.69
Wisconsin Famous CHEESE CURDS 12 oz. bag

"Squeaky" fresh morsels that every true Cheese lover is sure to cherish!

Price: $4.99
Wisconsin Limburger Cheese
Made EXCLUSIVELY in Monroe, Wisconsin. This is the last factory in the USA who makes Limburger. It's that "punget smelly cheese" that Grandma used to make Grandpa keep in an air-tight jar. But it's soooooo GOOD!
Price: $5.19

Amish Country Old Fashioned Limburger Cheese Spread 8oz LIMBURGER SPREAD IS BACK!!!!!!

It's back!!! Formally made by Mohawk Valley. A real Limburger cheese spread, that you have been looking for. Made by the last factory in the USA who make Limburger. Brought back by the demand to have a real Limburger cheese spread.

Size/Type Amish Country Old Fashioned LIMBURGER cheese spread 8oz
Amish Country Limburger SPREAD BUY 2 (+$5.79)
Amish Country Limburger SPREAD BUY 4 (+$16.77)
Amish Limburger Spread BUY 6 (+$26.95)
BUY A CASE! Limburger Spread 12 units! (+$52.69)
Price: $5.99
Cheddar Cheese Medium thru 4 Year Old

From medium ( 6 months) to 4 year old cheddar. The older it is the sharper it gets. We age it here ourself to get that perfect taste of the sharpness you are looking for.

Price: $6.89
5 Year THRU 8 Year Old Wisconsin SHARP CHEDDAR

This is an excellent sharp cheddar that is a great tasting cheese, that is full of flavor. This also will crumble. With every year it gets sharper and smoother. Great with wine and fruit.The cheddars are aged here in our plant in 40lb blocks.

7 Year OLD SHARP CHEDDAR (+$3.00)
Price: $10.49

Wisconsin Wild Morel and Leek Jack & MORE

What a great cheese! Lots of wild morel mushrooms and fresh flavorful leeks smoothly blended into a monterey jack base. This is a very unique Wisconsin cheese-produced in Muscoda,Wisconsin--"The Morel Mushroom Capital of the World". Good served as an Hors d' oeuvres or compliment to any style sub sandwich. Try it as a new healthy snack and as a topper for fresh veggie pizza or on your favorite casserole! You'll LOVE this one! 8 oz wheel

Size/Type 8 oz Wheel Wild Morel and Leek Jack
Horseradish, 8 oz
Habanero, 8 oz
Garlic Pesto Jack 8 oz
Bruschetta Jack Cheese 8oz
Salsa Jack Cheese 8oz
Roasted Red Pepper Jack cheese 8 oz
Price: $5.39
Wisconsin Colby Cheese 16oz
Colby is always a very popular cheese, because it is very mild and creamy. Always perfect on sandwiches, or with crackers and our all beef summer sausage!
Price: $6.79
Wisconsin Co Jack Cheese 16oz
Always a favorite. Marbled cheese that is mild and great tasting! Made from colby and monteray Jack. Great with fruit and crackers. Kids love it!
Price: $6.99

Wisconsin Baby Swiss
This Baby Swiss has a delightfully creamy and very mild nutty taste.This is a full cream cheese. A delicious favorite for slicing or melting,
Size/Type Baby Swiss 16 oz
Baby Swiss 2lb peice (+$7.90)
Baby Swiss Whole loaf Ave, 5 lb. (+$29.60)
Price: $7.89
Wisconsin Medium Swiss Cheese 16oz

A Super Full Flavored Medium Swiss made from Old World cheese making excellence. This is a great cheese for sandwiches or just with crackers.

Price: $8.49
Wisconsin Aged Swiss Cheese 16oz
This Aged Wisconsin Swiss has a very aged nutty, but smooth taste and texture. Excellent with crackers & your favorite sausage!
Price: $9.69

Wisconsin Smoked Cheeses

Our Wisconsin Smoked Baby Swiss, Smoked Cheddar, are an excellent compliment to wheat or rye crackers and bread! Very mild smoky flavor and still very full-bodied. 'Also a great Gift giving idea for any cheese lover!'

Price: $8.99
Wisconsin Low Fat & Low Salt swiss

For those who need to watch their salt and fat intake and just can't bear to give up the taste of great Wisconsin Cheese!

Price: $7.79
Wisconsin Muenster Cheese 16oz
Muenster, is in the brick family, very mild and creamy. Always good with fruit, or just on a sandwich.
Price: $6.29

Wisconsin Windmere Brick
A Wisconsin original. Flavor changes from mild and sweet. Mild Brick Cheese is a young cheese that is mild and buttery sweet. Slice for sandwiches; shred for casseroles
Size Wisconsin Windmere Brick 16 oz
2 lbs Windmere Brick Chunk (+$6.76)
Price: $7.19
Wisconsin Wunderbar Brick
A yellow Brick cheese with a mild taste and a very creamy texture. Great for slicing and melting. Wunderbar slices great for sandwiches and cheese trays also.
Size 1lb Wisconsin Wunderbar Brick
2 lbs Wunderbar Cheese (+$7.50)
5 lb Whole loaf (+$30.86)
Price: $7.79
Wisconsin Aged Brick Cheese
  • Wisconsin Aged Brick Cheese 16 oz chunk - Aged Brick is a white cheese that has a creamy texture and a Strong taste.


Price: $8.99

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