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Bad Heilbrunner SPECIALTY Tea

Here are some very helpful German teas. Some of these come with 8 tea bags

Type Nieren-und Blasen Tee 8 tea bags
Bad Heilbrunner Tea- Husten und Bronchial Tee 8 bags
Bad Heilbrunner Schlaf und Nerven Tee 8 bags
Bad Heilbrunner Brennnessel-Blatter Tee 8 bags
Price: $3.49
Nordzucker Brauner Kandis

 Nordzucker Brauer Kadis. Great in coffee and Tea

Price: $5.99
Ricola Schweizer Tee
An Exceptional Swiss Herbal Tea with Vitamin C for true pleasure! Works well for colds, coughs, sniffles & sneezes and really helps to promote a feeling of wellness! 200g
Type Ricola Schweizer Krautertee- Green Can
Ricola Schweizer Gut' Nacht Tee
Price: $11.29

Teekanne 8 Herbs

TEEKANNE 8 Herbs is a finely blended composition of eight unique herbs. Only the best ingredients have been selected to give this superb herbal tea its fine, refreshing taste. This tea speciality is an ideal drink for the whole family and can be enjoyed both hot and cold - cup after cup.

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Black Currant Tea

Teekanne Black Currant With Lemon Tea. Delicious and Fruity. 

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Camomile Tea Pleasant & Comforting

TEEKANNE (German for teapot) is one of the worlds largest high quality tea. They purchase there herbs and teas directly from the farmers who grow them. 20 bags

Price: $5.49

Teekanne Fennel ( Fenchel) Tea

Pleasant & Soothing Fennel Herbal Infusion. All Natural, Caffeine Free. We use only the highest quality and most flavourful ingredients for our 100% all-natural TEEKANNE fennel. We control and monitor every step in the process - from the selection of original ingredients, to careful blending and packaging of the finished tea bag. The TEEKANNE aroma protecting box and the hermetically sealed tea bags preserve the full flavour of our Fennel Herbal Infusion. INGREDIENTS Fennel. 20 tea bags in a box

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Garden Selecetion Tea

Teekanne Garden Selection

This tea is a full-bodied infusion of delicious fruits with a distinctive taste with the most flavourful ingredients! 20 tea bags

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Gluhfix
Teekanne Glühfix for traditional German Glühwein (Mulled Wine) served at Christmas and throughout the holiday season. Also used to season red cabbage and compote. Contains 25 x 1g Bags Product of Germany.
Price: $6.39

Teekanne Magic Apple

Teekanne Magic Apple

Flavour of fruity, sun-ripened apples, blended with fine cinnamon! 20 tea bags!

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Multivitamin Tea

Teekanne Multivitamin Tea With 10 Vitamines. Delicious and Fruity!

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Peppermint Tea

Naturally refreshing, the cool taste of peppermint has long been known to promote fresh breath and good digestion. It is also said to calm tension and help clear your skin. Pour yourself a calming cupful and take a few easy moments just for you. INGREDIENTS Peppermint 20 tea bags in a box

Price: $5.49

Teekanne Raspberry Tea

Teekanne Raspberry Tea. Delicious and Fruity!

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers

Teekanne Rosehip & Hibiscus Flowers

An aromatic and refreshing tee that is all natural! Free of caffeine, added sugars, artificial additives or preservatives. 20 tea bags

Price: $5.49
Teekanne Rosehip Tea

Teekanne Rosehip

This tea blend is a pleasant combination of rosehip and hibiscus! 20 tea bags

Price: $5.49

Sudzucker Weisser Kandis White Rock Sugar

 White rock sugar from Germany 

Price: $8.99

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