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Butlers Mint Crunch 3.5oz
Dark chocolate with crunchy mint pieces 3.5oz
Price: $4.69
Butlers Salted Caramel 3.5oz
70% dark chocolate with salted caramel 3.5oz
Price: $5.49
Camille Bloch Mousse Chocolate
 Camille Bloch Mousse Chocolate.60% Milk chocolate filled with smoothy chocolate mousse.
Price: $5.39
Camille Bloch Ragusa
 Camille Bloch Ragusa Jubile Swiss Chocolate Bar With Truffle Filling & Whole Hazelnuts 100g 3.5 oz This Swiss Original has been around fo...
Price: $4.59
Casali Schoko Bananen Minis
Mini chocolate covered bananas 110g
Price: $3.49
Cloetta Kex
Filled Wafers In Milk Chocolate 2.1oz
Price: $2.69
Fazer Maitosuklaa
Delicious milk chocolate made by fazer, a company since 1891. Made in Finland. 200g
Price: $6.79
Guylian NO SUGAR ADDED Chocolate Bar
 Belgian bittersweet chocolate. A special candy bar just for Diabetics. 54% dark This a sugar free 3.53 oz. oz bar
Price: $5.19
Heilemann Katzenzungen
There is nothing cuter than milk chocolate pralines in the shape of cat tongues. Offered in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or nougat. 2.6oz
Price: $7.29
Reber Mandel Nougat Rum Truffel
Dark chocolate with mandel nougat run truffel filling 100g
Price: $5.39
Reber Marc De Champagne Truffel
Puffy Milk Chocolate with Marc De Champagne Truffel Filling! 100g *Suggested Sale By Date Of 05.17
Price: $5.39
Reber Mozart Kugelen Gift Box
Here is a nice gift of 12 pieces of the famous Mozart Kugeln. 8.5 oz
Price: $11.49
Vergani Gianduiotti
Giandwa nut milk chocolate 4.5oz
Price: $5.89
Vergani Gianduiotto Box
Gianduja hazelnut milk chocolate 6.35oz
Price: $7.99
Carl Brandt Mocca Beans 3.5 oz
Carl Brandt Mocca Beans 3.5 oz
Price: $4.59
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