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Milka Arroz Indlado
An Alpine milk chocolate with crispy rice 100g
Price: $2.99
Milka Oreo Brownie
Creamy Milka chocolate with an oreo brownie middle. 100g
Price: $2.99
Noblesse Light Assorted Cookies
Noblesse Assortement of biscuits and wafers with bittersweet chocolate. 400g
Price: $5.89
Noblesse Noir Assorted Cookies
New Noblesse noir biscuits and wafer assortment with fine dark chocolate. 50% cocoa. 300g
Price: $5.89
Real Black Forest Kirsch Torte
  Schwarzwalder Kirsch Torte  The original Black Forest Torte directly from...
Price: $56.99
Red Barn 1 Year Aged Cheddar
A hand crafted heritage white cheddar cheese that has been aged to a 1 year perfection. This cheese leaves your mouth with a creamy, yet mild aged ...
Price: $4.69
Red Barn 3 Year Cheddar
Red Barn has hand crafted a wonderful 3 year cheddar chesse. This cheese is perfected to a 3 year age with a creamy, full, and nutty flavor. 6oz
Price: $5.09
Red Barn Cupola
If you like an aged gouda, you will love this cheese. This Cupola Artisan Cheese, made by Red Barn is a semi- hard cheese with notes of caramel and...
Price: $4.19
Reine Dijon Whole Grain Mustard With Wine
This wonderful mustard is one that everyone has been missing. This mustard has a very stong and distict flavor as it is made with vinegar and white...
Price: $9.79
Ritter Sport Haferkeks Joghurt
A Spring edition Ritter Sport chocolate bar made out of oat biscuits and jogurt. 100g
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Kaffeesplitter
A new bar from Ritter Sport, Kaffeesplitter. Chocolate with caramelized coffee beans 100g
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Kakao Klasse
Ritter Sport Kakao Klasse in different cacoa classes of either Fine 61%, Mild 55%, or Strong 74% dark chocolate. 100g
Price: $2.99
Schwartau Holiday Preserves
Schwartau holiday preserves, limited offer. Offered in Kufenflitzer (Kirsch with marzipan), Huttenzauber (Apfel-Vanille), and Rodelkonig (Pflaume-A...
Price: $4.99
Swan Potato Starch Flour
This Swan potato starch flour is best used for thickening gravies, soups, making puttings, master white sauces, baking, and cooking. This product i...
Price: $4.09
Tschibo Barista Espresso
1000g of creamy whole bean barista espresso made by Tschibo. This wonderful coffee is grown and refined in a drum roaster, strongly balanced, bitte...
Price: $25.99
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