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Sywan Bratheringsfilet
 A real good fried herring filet in a spiced Marinade. 325g Bratfrisch, in wurziger Marinade.
Price: $5.09
Sywan Fried Mackerel Fillets

Sywan Fried Mackerel Fillets
These are fried Mackerel filets in gewurztem aufguss. ( In spicy Maranade) 325g

Price: $4.89
Hawesta Herring
Super popular brand, Herring fillets in several different sauces. High in Omega 3
Type Herring in Senf Creme 200g
Hering Filets in Paprika Creme 200g
Herring fillets un Tomaten-creme 200g
Herring fillets in Meerrettich-creme 200g
Herring fillets in Champignin-creme 200g
Herring fillets in pfeffer-creme SOLD OUT
Price: $4.59

Larsen Matjes Herring 500g

Larsen Matjes herring in plant oil. 2- 250 gram packs . Great for a party

Price: $12.99
Royal Sweden Lumfish Caviar RED
 Imported from Sweden. Great for your holiday entertaining without breaking the bank. 3.5 oz.
Price: $6.99
Larsen Smoked Mackerel Filets

Larsen Pure Smoked Mackerel fillets in iys own juice and canola oil with mixed pepper. 100gr

Price: $3.69

Norden Herring From Sweden
Quality European Herring From Sweden for your Holiday parties. These taste so much better than the herring you get in a grocery store. Taste the Difference!
Type Norden Tidbits in a cream Sauce 12 oz jar
Norden Tidbits in a Wine Sauce 12 oz Jar
Price: $5.89
Larsen Senf Sill

Larsen Senf sill 250gr jar.

Price: $3.89
Norden Herring Red Beets Salad & Others
Here is a very popular herring salad. Made with red beets. Comes in a 14.1 oz (400g) plastic container. Product of Canada
Type Norden Herring Salad with Red Beets 14.1 oz container
Norden Herring Salad in white Yogurt sauce 14.1 oz
Norden Herring Salad in creamy dill sauce 14.1 oz
Price: $5.59

Larsen Pure Salmon In Olive Oil

Larsen Pure salmon in olive oil. Tender Salmon Fillets. 110gr

Price: $6.49
Larsen Mackerel In Canola Oil

Larsen Pure mackerel in canola oil. 125gr

Price: $2.99
Larsen Krauter Sill

Larsen Krauter Sill. 250gr jar

Price: $3.89

Richter Herring in Tins
A European tradition of quality seafood products from Richter. Product of Cuxhaven, Germany.
Type Herring Fillets in Herb and Garlic sauce 200g (+$0.60)
Herring in Gelee (Jelly) 6.7 oz.
Herring in Tomato Sauce 6.7 oz.
Heringfilets in Curry & Pineapple sauce
Price: $3.99
Larsen Herring In tomato sauce

Larsen herring in tomato sauce with tomato pieces. 100gr

Price: $3.19
Rugenfisch Herring in Aspic

What a great light lunch, chill and serve. Herring in a gelitin. Great on a good Tiefenfurter rye bread. 7.05 oz can

Price: $3.19

RugenFisch Products Brat Makrele , Fried Herring in Wurziger Marinade

Fried Mackerel Fillets or Fried Herring in Spicy Marinade, great for a nice light supper!

Price: $2.99
RugenFisch Salmon Fillets
 Salmon fillets skinless and boneless, makes a great light meal. 6.17 oz can 
Price: $3.59
Skansen Wild Herring in Sauce

Here is a very good herring imported from Canada, Made with Wild Atlntic herring

Size/Type Skansen - Herring in Wine Sauce - 8oz
Skansen Herring in Cream Sauce 8 oz
Skansen-Herring in creme Sauce 13oz (+$0.30)
Skansen Herring in Wine 13oz (+$0.30)
Price: $5.89

Riga Smoked Sprats
A European Seafood Favorite! A 1999 Europe Award Winner! Smoked Sprats, Vegetable Oil & Salt. Product of Latvia.
Price: $2.79
Larsen Kieler Sprotten, Bucklings & Makrelenfilets
Smoked sprats in own juice and vegetable oil.
Type Larsen Kieler Sprotten 110g
Larsen Kieler Sprotten 190g (+$1.60)
Larson Bucklings Filets in pflanzenol 190g (+$0.80)
Larson Geraucherte Makrelefilets 190g (+$2.10)
Price: $3.89
Giovanni's Anchovy Paste
Delicious on Cole Slaw and a Tossed salad. Spread lightly on pizza before baking. - 2oz
Price: $3.59

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