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Sunnmore Pepper Makrell
Sunnmore Pepper Makrell in rapeseed oil, salt, and spices! 5oz
Price: $5.39
Larsen matjes Fillets Krauter
Matjes fillets in herbs and spices- Nordische art. without skin in marinade 200g
Price: $4.89
Royal Sweden 0r Abba Lumpfish Caviar Black
Imported from Sweden, black lumpfish caviar for your party! This comes in a 3.5 oz. jar
Price: $6.99
Smoked Whole Buckling Herring
 This is a whole smioked Herring ready t o eat. Smoked with natural wood smoke. Average .50 to .65 weight
Price: $5.99
Abba Kalles Caviar in a tube Spread
Here is a very popular caviar spread from Abba of Sweden. Excellent for your holiday entertaining. Great on crackers and rye bread. 6.7oz
Price: $4.89
King Oscar Sardines or Anchovies
Premium quality skinless and boneless sardines have been wild-caught. the fillets in this can were hand-packed in pure olive oil and have been kosh...
Price: $3.49
Whole Smoked Mackerel and Peppered Fillets
These are really nice. Whole smoked Mackerel ready to eat. Average weight is 1 to 1.30 lbs.
Price: $9.99
Larsen Dorschleber
Great on crackers with a glass of beer.This can contains Cod liver in its own juice and oil. . The unique taste will surprise you. 115g
Price: $4.69
Smoked Eel
A European delicacy. This smoked Eel is hot smoked and  ready to eat. Available average size is .65 lbs.
Price: $17.99
Alstertor Herring
A Delightful assortment of Fine German Herring with wonderful flavor variety!
Price: $4.99
Here is the new 4kg ( 8.8 lbs) bucket that the Whole Holland Herring will be coming in. These whole Headles herring are in a salt brine.  THES...
Price: $46.50
Appel Filetierte Bratheringe
Goldbraun gebraten & in Wurziger Marinade 325g Great Fried Herring!! Ready to eat.
Price: $7.29
Alaskan Smoked Salmon
FOR YOUR PARTY!!!!!Excellent Whole Salmon from Alaska. We cure, cook and smoke it right here in Madison, Wisconsin! Never too salty! . Fish is cut ...
Price: $8.99
Appel Herring
Herring Fillets in a wide variety of flavors to choose from. A true European seafood favorite!
Price: $4.59
Sywan Bratheringsfilet
 A real good fried herring filet in a spiced Marinade. 325g Bratfrisch, in wurziger Marinade.
Price: $5.09
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