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Ritter Sport Nougat Chocolate Bar 3.5 oz.
Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Nougat Praline Filling is an irresistible combination. The delicious hazelnut praline is made from only the finest ro...
Price: $3.19
Ritter Sport Olympia Bar 3.5 oz.
Ritter Sport Olympia Bar- 3.5 oz. Milk Chocolate filled with Honey & Yogurt
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Rum Trauben Nuss
A spirited Blend of Raisins, Nuts and Genuine Jamaican Rum in Milk Chocolate! Sinfully Delicious!
Price: $3.89
Ritter Sport Schoko Brownie
Ritter Sport chocolate brownie! 100g 
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Trauben Nuss
Ritter Sport Trauben Nuss
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Voll Nuss
 This is a great bar! Whole Haselnuts mixed with creamy chocolate. 100g bar.
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport Waffel
Milk chocolate filled with cocoa cream, rice flakes and a waffle with cocoa cream filling. 100g
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sport White Hazelnuts
Ritter Sport white chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and crispy rice 100g
Price: $2.99
Ritter Sports Pfefferminz
 Ritter Sports milk chocolate with pfefferminz filling
Price: $2.99
Vergani Gianduiotti
Giandwa nut milk chocolate 4.5oz
Price: $5.89
Vergani Gianduiotto Box
Gianduja hazelnut milk chocolate 6.35oz
Price: $7.99
Viba Duo
3 creamy nougat praline candy bars in one package. The creamy flavor will melt your heart! 4.2oz- Each candy bar is 1.4oz
Price: $8.49
Viba Schicht Nougat
This layered nougat consists of a light and a dark layer with extra many Levantine hazelnuts. The light layer contains almost no cocoa mass, but mo...
Price: $3.49
Zentis Belnuga Belmanda
Zentis now makes two new chocolate bars! Offering a edel marzipan and a edel marzipan mit nougat! 2.12oz 
Price: $2.39
Lindt Excellence Coconut
This is an excellent new bar, extra fine with coconut. 3.5 oz bar
Price: $4.29
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