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Chocolates - Liquor

» Chocolates - Liquor
Canada Ice Wine Chocolates
Assorted milk and dark chocolates filled with everyones favorite for the holiday time - ICE WINE! 10 individually wrapped chocolates. 100g
Trumpf Bar Mix Adventskalender 300g
A mix of cocktails from Trumpf Edle Tropfens Gin, Vodka, and Rum boxes! Count your way to Christmas with this fruity assortment. 12 different assortments, 4 from each box. 300g 
Asbach Brandy Beans 7.05oz
Here is the popular Brandy Beans from Asbach. Big 7.05 oz box. These are liquid filled with no sugar crust.
Asbach Bottles Pralinen 20 pack
Exquisite Chocolate bottles filled with Brandy 20 bottles. These have the sugar crust. This is a window gift box.8.8 oz
Asbach Pralinen Coffee Bottles
With sugar crust Filled twice with Asbach Brandy and fine coffee truffle. 3.5 oz box
Royal des Lys 8.82oz.
This Royal des Lys by Abtey carries some of the best liquior chocolates perfectly wrapped inside. This large 8.82oz box contains dark chocolate liquiors of Cointreau, Kirch, Grand Marnier, Poire Williams, Fine Champagne Cognac Remy Martin, and Rhum Saint James. Do not miss out on this mix box!&nb...
Asbach Classic Assortment
An exclusive selection of finest Asbach chocolates including Asbach cherries, Asbach beans and the classic Asbach chocolates with and without a sugar crust. All made from premium chocolate and with aromatic Asbach Uralt liquid centres.
Verpoorten Eierlikor Pralines
A delicious assortment of milk and dark chocolate pralines filled with the original Verpoorten Egg Liqueur. This box contains 16 Verpoorten Pralines. 5.6oz 
Sarotti Cherry Liqueurs Herz Kirschen
 Sarotti Herz Kirschen. Dark chocolate covered cherries filled with liquor. 50% kakao
Asbach Zarte Flaschchen 12pc
Asbach's finest zarbitter chocolate liquor bottles. 12pc box 150g
Bohme Weinbrand Kirschen 5.3oz
Real Cherry & brandy filled chocolates. These are excellent! 
Lindt Plum Liquor Bar 100g
A new bar from Lindt. If you like plum you will love this. Made with a good pflaumenwasser. It is milk chocolate with a nice pocket full of plum liquor.  Super tasty!! 100g
Casali Rum Kokos
Rum Coconut Dragees with alcoholic filling (10%), covered with chocolate (9%) and milk chocolate (59%). 
Lindt Cognac Liquor Bars
Real good milk chocolate with real cognac, Willams Pear, kirsch and Cointreau 100g
Royal Des Lys 7.76oz
Royal des Lys contains dark chocolate of pure excelence as it contains "wine" chocolate liquiors with Remy Martin, Label 5, and Grand Marnier. 3.53oz
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