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Bavarian APFELSTRUDEL., STREUSEL & PLUM & CHEESE CAKE Direct from Bavaria Germany!
Apfelstrudel (Fully Baked) JUST HEAT UP The real thing. Made from the traditional Bavarian recipe with German apples and plump raisins. Wonderful served with whipping cream, ice cream or vanilla sauce. Sinfully good!! NOTICE: Set oven to 375 F heat frozen strudel for 8-12 min. or microwave 2 to 4 minutes.
Price: $7.99
DeRuijter Milk Sprinkles

DeRuijter Milk Sprinkles.Great for sprinkles on cakes or cookies.

Price: $6.99
Dr. Oetker Hefeteig Germteig (Yeast Cake Mix)
 From Dr.Oetker Yeast Cake Mix with fruits. The box has German and English Instructions
Price: $5.49

Dr Oetker Nuss Tarte
Tasty nut cake mixture with ground hazelnuts from Dr. Oetker 380g
Price: $9.59
Kathi Cherry Streusel Cake

Kathi Cherry Streusel Mix

Cherry Streusel Cake is a popular dessert for the summer months. Just add fresh or canned sour cherries (or berries). 15.2oz
Price: $5.49
Kathi Coconut Macaroons Cookies

Quick and easy baking mix for wonderful coconut macaroon cookies! All you need to do is add water. 260g

Price: $5.49

Kathi Poppy Seed Strudel

 Kathi Poppy Seed Strudel Mix

This Poppy Seed Strudel is a true delight for any occasion. The Box contains all ingredients you need, measured and individually packed for your convenience: the base flour mix, yeast, and the poppy seeds filling. Add rasins, almonds, sultanas, nuts or fruits to the poppy seed mix to you heart's delight. A true pleasure for any lover of baked goods with poppy seeds.

Price: $5.49
Kathi Weihnachts Geback

A tasty easy mix to make wonderful cookies! 390g

Price: $5.49
Dr. Oetker Vitalis Knusper PLUS Double Schoko

Mit Knusper-Crunchies und Vollmilchschokolade 450 BLOW OUT SALE

Price: $7.99

Kolln German Cranberry & Oats Cereal
Here is German'y most popular cereal!. Healthy oats and cranberry. 13.23 oz box
Price: $4.99
Kolln Honey Nuts & Oats Cereal
Germany number 1 Cereal. Muesli Crunchy Honey Nut & Oats for a healthy breakfast, Big 13.23 oz box
Price: $4.99
Another fine product from Kuchen Meister! These are so moist and the liquars in them make them sooo GOOD!!
Size/Type Kuchen Meister Cointreau Liquer (Liquor) Cake 14 oz. (+$1.70)
Kuchen Meister Jamican Rum 14oz (+$2.10)
Kuchen Meister Amaretto Liquor Cake 14 oz (+$1.70)
Price: $6.19

Kuchenmeister Marzipan Coffee Cake with Chocolate Coating
Kuchenmeister Marzipan Coffee Cake with Chocolate Coating.
Price: $6.19
Kuchen Meister Schwarzwalder Black Forest Cake Kirschwasser Cake

Black Forest Cherry Liquor Cake, doesn't that sound delicious?

Price: $6.59
Kuchenmeister Moist Cakes Several Varieties
14 oz. foil packed. A delightfully light & lucious moist  cakes that will make every get together seem just a bit more special! 8-10 servings.
Type Lemon- Zitrone
Marble Cake
Price: $6.19

Dutch Cakes
Holland is known for their premier Honey Cakes, Ginger Cakes and more! We have quite a few brands and varieties to choose from! They are just delicious!
Size/Type Dutch Syrup wafers 9oz package
Frisian Spiced Cake 19oz cake (+$1.40)
Bolletje Honey Cake 12.3 oz. (+$0.80)
Price: $3.49
Schlunder Sponge Cake Layer

This is your bottom for the perfect sponge cake all you need is the fruit.

Price: $3.59
Dr. Oetker Maulwurf Kuchen

Here is a real special cake mix direct from Germany. Just add eggs, milk banana, and sahne. All instructions are in German.

Price: $8.99

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