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Smoky Liver Sausage with Mushrooms
A "Wisconsin State Champion" Liverwurst. Very pure,creamy and made with tiny chunks of mushrooms. Hickory Smoked. Great Pate for appetizers. Put in a bowl and serve with crackers or cocktail rye. This will make your party a hit!!
Price: $5.89

Creamy Braunschweiger liverwurst A Very creamy pure liver sausage with a delightfully smooth taste. Serve on a good rye bread or wheat bread. Brauschweiger is also great just on crackers. approx. 1 lb.

Price: $6.59
Kalbsleberwurst / Veal Liverwurst

A true German delicacy! Kalbsleberwurst (Veal Liver Sausage is made from milk fed veal and fresh onions. Mildly spiced, super smooth & creamy Pate for appetizers! (approx 16 oz.)

Price: $6.29

Grobeleberwurst / Coarse Liver Sausage

Also known as Landleberwurst! An authentic German Coarse Ground Liver Sausage made with herbs and spices,that is bursting with flavor! You can see the hearty chunks of meat throughout the spread when you slice it to serve! Spread on your favorite Rye bread and enjoy!

Price: $6.39
Smoked Onion Mettwurst

 Smoked Onion Mettwurst
This is a raw product made from certified pork. ( You eat it this way) Course ground lean pork, onions and spice stuffed into a natural casing then naturally smoked to perfection . Ready to eat. 

Price: $6.89
Ganseleberwurst / Goose Liverwurst

Very Rich & Creamy; lightly smoked. A high quality Goose Liver Pate sure to please your guests at any event! One of our most requested all year 'round! Serve on a good German rye bread or cracker. You can use this for pate.

Price: $5.99

Fresh onion Mettwurst

An old time favorite! Cured & Certified Pork Spread that is just excellent when served on your favorite German rye bread! It is super spreadable except for the Ring Mettwurst and sure to please! NOTICE! FRESH METTWURST MUST BE SHIPPED OVERNIGHT DURING THE HOT MONTHS!

Price: $6.29
Teewurst (mettwurst)

A delightlfully seasoned, cured and FINELY ground meat spread, A very fine grind, pink colored spread. "Mettwurst". A true German specialty. Made with Real Jamaican Rum and naturally smoked! Serve on a good German rye bread or dark cracker.

Price: $5.89

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