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Bahlsen Rekord Mischung

Bahlsen Rekord.

A Tasty Biscuit Mix! 350g

Price: $5.49
Bahlsen Rekord Waffel Mischung

Bahlsen Rekord

A Crispy Waffel Mix! 250g

Price: $5.49
Funny Frisch Chipsfrisch Hungarian Chips
 Super popular German potato chips in Hungarian-paprika flavor. 175g bag
Size/Type Funny Frisch Chipsfrisch 175g
BUY 2 BAGS (+$4.66)
Price: $5.89

Gut & Gunstig Waffel Mischung

Gut & Gunstig very popular waffelmischung with dark and milk chocolate!! 400g

Price: $5.19
Kristprolls Wholegrain

Krisprolls wholegrain swedish toasts are the perfect snack! Wonderful with cream cheese, ham or a bowl of soup! 225g

Price: $5.39
Lorenz Sea Salt and Pepper
 Sea salt and pepper chips by Lorenz
Price: $2.59

Manner Vienna wafer cookies
 Manner Vienna Wafer cookies. We have 2 flavors. Hazel nut dark chocolate and Hazelnut wafer
Type Original hazelnut
Dark chocolate hazel nut
Price: $8.99
Funny Frisch Chipsfrisch
A great crispy chip. 175g

Price: $5.89
Funny Frisch Erdnuss Flippies & Zwiebli Ringe

Direct from Germany!! Peanut butter flips! & Zwiebli-Ringe

Size/Type Erdnuss Flippies -250g bag
Funny Frisch Zwiebli-Ringe 80g Bag
Price: $5.49

Bahlsen Cookies All Varieties

Only the finest ingredients make up the family of Bahlsen cookies. . .so many to choose from that you'll be drooling by the time you just get to the bottom of the list!

Size/Type Butter Leibniz Biscuit Cookies 7oz
Waffeleten milk Choco Wafer rolls 3.5 oz Cookies 3.5oz.
Choco Waffeleten Rolls Dark Cookies 3.5 oz
Bahlsen Leibniz Dark 4.4 oz
Bahlsen Leibniz Milk 4.4 oz
First Class Dark4.4 oz
Dark Africa cookies 4.6 oz
First Class Milk 4.4 oz
Bahlsen Choco Leibniz with Carmel 3.5 oz
Bahlsen Africa Milk 4.6 oz
Bahlsen Leibniz vollkorn
Price: $4.19
Gold Fischli (Original) 100g

A wonderful snack or even for the kids lunches. Baked fish crackers

Gold-Fischli-Original Gold Fischli Original 100g
Gold Fischli Sesame 100g
Price: $2.99
Milka Choco Cow

 From Milka, a butter biscuit shaped like a cow, covered in creamy milk chocolate. Kids love these!

Price: $2.39

Lorenz Nic Naks
These are SO good! Double Crunch-Peanuts. These have a spicy covering over the peanuts that is so good! 125g bag
Price: $2.89
Lorenz Pomsticks
Here is a really good snack stick, Potato sticks . Made from real potatoes! 100g bags
Size/Type Lorenz Pomsticks Sour Cream 100g Bags
Lorenz Pomsticks HOT & SPICY 100g
BUY 2 BAGS Pomsticks Hot & SPICY (+$1.30)
Lorenz salted
Price: $2.29
Lorenz Crunchips Paprika

 Crunchips Paprika- If you have never tried these, these are super good! Crunchips Paprika is a classic, and our most popular Crunchips variety - with the flavour of sun-ripened paprika and the unique Crunchips crunch. 175g

Size/Type Lorenz Crunchips Paprika 175g WAS 3.89 NOW
Price: $3.89

Lorenz Saltletts Sticks AND MORE SNACK ITEMS!!

A great snack or you can even pack this in your kids lunch

Size/Type Lorenz Saltletts Sticks Big 250g double pack (+$1.70)
Lorenz Saltletts Sticks 75g
Lorenz Pomsticks Salted 100g
Lorenz Pomsticks Sour Cream 100g
Lorenz Saltletts Cocktail Mix 180g (+$1.70)
NEW!! Lorenz Wasabi Peanuts 100g bag (+$0.90)
NicNacs- Double crunch peanuts 125g
Price: $1.99
Lorenz Naturals Mild Paprika
 These are great!! Pure pleasure! Purely natural ingredients! no artifical flavor enhancers. 3.5 oz
Size/Type Lorenz Naturals Mild Paprika 3.5 oz
Price: $2.49
Erdnuss Flips GUT & GUNSTIG!!
Peanut Butter flavor Flips. I call them peanut butter Cheetos! A GREAT TREAT FOR ANYONE!! 200g
Price: $3.49

Salzburg Wafer Cookies
From Austria the best wafer cookies. We spread fine hazelnut cream between four layers of wafers. Then we dip these filled wafers in milk chocolate and decorate them with chocolate. Delicately crunchy at the first bite, our Mignons melt pleasantly in the mouth. 350g
Type Salzburg Mignon Wafer 350g bag
Salzburg Hazelnut Wafer Bag 350g
Price: $5.89
Speculaas Dutch Windmill Cookies
If you thought American style "Windmill Cookies" are the tastiest, you simply MUST try these and taste the difference! These are scrumptious with or without almonds.Imported from Holland
Type Hellema Windmill Cookies Without Almonds 400g
Windmill Cookies With Almonds 400g (+$1.10)
Price: $4.79
Walkers Fingers Shortbread
These are just the best! So good and buttery! You NEVER can have just one. 5.3 oz
Type Walkers Fingers Shortbread 5.3 oz
Walkers Festive Shapes Shortbread 6.2oz (+$1.60)
Price: $4.39

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