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Adro Pitted Morello Sour Cherries with RUM

Sour cherry in a light syrup with RUM . Product of Hungary. Use for your favorite tort, cake or on ice cream. 24 oz jar

Type Adro Sour Cherries in rum 24 oz jar
Adro Pitted Morello Sour Cherries 24 oz
Price: $4.99
Ferrero Nutella 13oz

Ferrero Nutella, Hazelnut Spread with Cocao 13oz

List Price: $6.09
Price: $4.49
Maintal Premium Pumpkin Butter
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Maintal is now offering Pumpkin Butter! Offered with both ginger or apricot! This butter is prepared with 50% fruit, smoothly blended and full of flavor!!

Price: $4.19

Nordzucker Brauner Kandis

 Nordzucker Brauer Kadis. Great in coffee and Tea

Price: $5.99
Nussenia Nuss Schoko Creme

Nussenia - Nuss Schoko Creme

400 gram jar. 

Price: $3.99
Schwartau Hofladen Jams
  • Jam made from natural ingredients.
  • made with no addition of preservatives, colorings and flavorings
Type Waldheidelbeere Mit Holunder
Sauerkirsch Mit Johannisbeere
Erdbeer Mit Sanddorn-- SOLD OUT!!!!!!
Quitte Mit Apfel
Price: $4.69

Schwartau Pfirisch Mango Ananas Limone

Schwartau Extra now offers a fruity mix jelly of Pfirsich, Mango, Ananas, and Limone! 340g

Price: $3.89
Bende sour pitted cherries
These are really good! Pitted Sour cherries Great desert, pour over ice cream or pudding! 24oz
Type Bende Sour Pitted Cherries 24 oz
Bende Sour Cherries with Rum 24 oz
Price: $4.89
Schwartau German Preserves

Schwartau brand is an exceptionally delightful very thick preserve and is excellent on your brotchen! Note: Some flavors available only in a jar, other flavors only available in the tin.

Size/Type Pflaumenmus / Plum 12 oz jar
Schwarz Kirsch / Black Cherry 340g
Raspberry 11.9 oz.
Stachelbeere / Gooseberry 340g
Strawberry 11.9 oz
Black Currant 340g
Orange 12 oz
Waldfrucht 340g
3 Berry seadless fruit 11.9 oz.
Extra Aprikose 340g
Blueberry 11.9 oz
Extra Hagebutte 340g
Extra Himbeere Johannisbeere Gelee 340g
Red currant
Sour Kirsch- SOLD OUT
Holsteiner Pflaumenmus 330g
Price: $3.89

Landsberg Morello Cherries

These are pitted Morello Cherries in a jar. 24 oz

List Price: $6.59
Price: $5.19
Agrosik Morello Cherries in Syrup
Product of Poland. Pitted Morello Cherries in Syrup for your good cakes and desserts
Price: $6.39
Breitsamer Honeys

Since 1927 Breitsamer has been making very high quality honey. This honey is very pure and good!! Imported from Germany. 17.6oz glass jar.

Size/Type Breitsamer Gebirgsbluten - Honig 500gr. Mountain Flower
This is pure natural creamy Rapseed Blossom honey this is whipped and very, very creamy!
Breitsamer Forest Honey 17.6 oz
Breitsamer Acacia Honey 17.6 oz
Price: $11.49

Land's Apfelkraut in Tin

From Grafschafter Apfelkraut. Apples and pears make this great product. big 450 g can

Price: $6.79
Langnese Creamy Country Honey & more

Natural aroma smooth honey.
Size/Type Langnese - Creamy Country Honey
Breitsamer Creamy Honey 17.5 oz.
Langnese Feinste BergBlute 375g
Price: $9.99
Schwartau or Schumann Pflaumen Mus Plum Spread

This is a thick plum sauce, that you would spread on bread.Extra fine. NOTICE: This spread has been hard to get, I will substitute for the Schumann Plum Jam in a tin.

Price: $6.69

Schwartau Tins from Germany
Here are Schwartaus best, in tins. Best on our Imported brotchen or our good rye bread
Size/Type Pflaumen Mus 350ml
Erdbeer/ Rhabarber 350g Tin
Bitter Orange 350g Tin
Grossmutters Holunder 340g Tin
Herren Konfiture mit scotch whiskey 350g Tin
Price: $6.99
Gut & Gunstig or MAMMINGER Sauerkirschen entsteint gezuckert
The best Cherries for making black forest cake!! Sauerkirschen cherries in a light syrup 680g
Type Gut & Gunstig Sauerkirschen Entsteint 680g
Mamminger Dark Morello Cherries Pitted 720 ml (+$0.80)
Price: $3.99
Darbo Preserves
Many traditional flavors to choose from -- you'll want to try them all! All Natural Fruit Spreads from Austria.
Type Darbo Forest Berries Preserves 16 oz
Darbo Black Currant
Darbo Fine Plum
Darbo Fine Red Currant (Seedless)
Darbo Bitter Orange
Price: $5.79

Original Grafschafter Goldsaft Rheinischer Zuckerrubensirup

 Zuckerrübensirup, auch Rübenkraut genannt, ist der naturreine, konzentrierte Saft der erntefrischen Zuckerrübe ohne deren Pflanzenfasern und ohne jeglichen nachträglichen Zusatz. Er entsteht durch Eindicken von Rübensaft, der aus den gekochten Rübenschnitzeln abgepresst wird. Grafschafter Goldsaft wird ohne Einsatz von chemischen Stoffen hergestellt und enthält keine Konservierungsstoffe. 450g

Original-Grafschafter-Goldsaft Zuckerrubensirup Original Grafschafter Goldsaft Rheinischer Zuckerrubensirup 450g Jar
Original Grafschafter Goldsaft Zuckerrubensirup Squeeze bottle 500g (+$1.20)
Price: $4.69
Zuckerruben Syrup (Sugar Beet Spread) 16 oz. Jar
 Original Grafschafter goldsaft. This is our most popular Sugar Beet Syrup. An old favorite as a sandwich spread special for breakfast! Can also be used for sweetening sauces, desserts and as a baking ingredient.
Price: $4.89
Maintal Rosehip, Quince, Orange and Cranberry Jam

Enjoy this jam not only on toast but on top of your icecream in cakes and pastries and in your yogurt. A healthy treat- high in vitamin C.

Size/Type Maintal - Rosehip Jam 340g
Maintal - Quitten Gelee Extra 12 oz
Maintal - Cranberry
Maintal Plum Butter
Maintal Orange Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Red Currant Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Wild Lingonberry Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Gooseberry Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Orange Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Strawberry Fruit Spread 12 oz
Maintal Apricot Fruit Spread 12 oz
Price: $4.79

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