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Pickles and Pickled Vegetables

» Pickles and Pickled Vegetables
Kuhne Cornichons (Gherkins)
Small and crunchy coctail cornichons, aka gherkins, with dill and onions. 180g
Kuhne Gewurz Gurken Auslese
Knackige Gurken in einem würzigen Aufguss mit feinen Gewürzen. Erhältlich im 670g
Kuhne Karotten Salat
Fine fruity strips of carrots, for raw vegetable platters or salads. 12.9oz
Kuhne Paprika
Kuhne now offers this strips of paprika. Finely spiced. 370g
Kuhne Puszta Salat
Stripped vegetable salad with cucumbers, peppers, onions, vinegar, carrots, celery, and white wine vinegar. 370ML
Kuhne Rote Bete 370ml
Kuhne Rote Bete in Scheiben (slices) 370ml
Kuhne Schlemmertopfchen Gurken
Crispy infused, with brandy vinegar, gourmet pickes 19.6oz
Kuhne Sellerie Salat
Our celery salad - finely grated celery strips pickled in a sweet piquant infusion is a delicious side salad for different dishes.320g. Celeriac, spirit vinegar, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, salt, antioxidants citric acid and ascorbic acid, natural celeriac flavouring
Kuhne Ungarische Gurken
Ungarische Gurken Feurig-würzige Gurken nach Hirtenart mit Paprika und Chili. Erhältlich im 720-ml-Glas.
Landsberg Mustard Pickles
A very mild mustard pickle that are nicely cut to pair well with your lunches and dinners! 24oz
Landsberg Sliced Celery
Nice big 23 oz Jar of Sliced Celery. Great as an afternoon snack with your aufschnitt and Brot!
Lars Yellow Peas
Yellow Peas for swedish style yellow pea soup. Directions on the back of package on how to make swedish style yellow pea soup. 18oz-14 servings per container
Sable and Rosenfeld
Sable and Rosenfeld Products offering in two flavors, Spicy Olive Bruschetta, and Mediterranean Olive Bruschetta! Perfect topping for crackers or rye bread! 16oz
Spreewald Gewurzgurken
Spreewaldhof pickles with onions, spices and herbs! 25.2oz
Gut & Gunstig White Spargel Asparagus
Delicious pickled white asparagus. Product of Peru. All natural. white Asparagus. Ingredients: water, vinegar, sugar, salt, Garlic, Mustard Seed and spices. 15.5 oz (440g)
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