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Agrosik Polish Dill Pickles

Polish dill pickles, product of Poland. Contains dill, garlic, mustard seeds, and spices. 30 fl oz. 

Price: $4.69
Dried Pfifferlinge  Mushrooms by Green Forest

Dired Steinpilze  mushrooms from Germany. 15g

Price: $6.89
Hengstenberg Bohnen Salat
Selected raw white bean kernels refined with a harmonious mix of tomato paprika, carrot and onion pieces, inserted in a refined spicy white wineiness infusion.
Price: $4.19

Hengstenberg Honinggurken

Prepeeled and cut cucumber with a mild/sweet flavor of honey! 370ml

Price: $3.29
Kruegermann Bread N Butter Pickles

California fresh bread 'n butter gourmet chips! 32oz

Price: $4.99
Kruegermann Cornichons

Sweet and sour baby dill pickles- Frisch gurken style! 16oz

Price: $4.99

Kruegermann Fermented Dill Pickles

Berlin style pickles in a cloudy brine. These pickles are naturally fermented. 32oz

Price: $4.99
Kruegermann Fiesta Mix

Kruegermann fiesta mix offered in both hot and mild. The fiesta mix contains carrots, onion, bell pepper, and cabbage. 32oz

Flavor Fiesta Mix- HOT
Fiesta- MILD
Price: $5.99
Kruegermann French Cornichons

French style tiny gourmet gurkens. 16oz

Price: $4.99

Kruegermann Frisch Gurken

Berlin style fresh packed pickles. 32oz

Price: $4.99
Kruegermann Gourmet Pickles

Berlin style hausfrauenart gourmet pickles! 32oz

Price: $6.99
Kruegermann Peeled Gurken

Polish style fancy sweet peeled gurkens. 32oz

Price: $6.99

Kruegermann Spicy Garlic Pickles

Mediterranean style spicy garlic pickle. 32oz

Price: $4.99
Kruegermann Uborka Spicy Pickles

An original hungarian style pickle with the perfect amount of spice. 32oz

Price: $4.99
Kuhne Apfel Essig
In this bottle is apple cider, made from 1kg of sun-ripened apples. This vinegar is fruity-mild and particularly suitable for a versatile diet. It fits perfectly with fresh salads, vegetables and light sauces or soft drinks. 750ml
Price: $6.39

Kuhne Essig & Zitrone

Kuhne's vinegar with lemon juice, fresh and fruity, perfect for salads. 750ml

Price: $4.59
Kuhne Gurken Aufguss
 natural fermentation and its unique spicy flavor of different herbs. It is ideal for the insertion and storage of vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers or pumpkin. 750ml
Price: $3.79
Landsberg Gherkins

From Landsberg a very good German picked gherkin. Served with a good meat and cheese plate! 24oz jar

Price: $4.69

Roland Belgian Cut Salsify
  • Cut white salsify has an old fashioned nickname "oyster plant" because of its oyster like flavor
  • Salsify is a parsnip-like root vegetable that has thick roots, tan skin and white flesh
  • Fresh salsify is only available in some markets in the fall and winter
  • Gluten free with zero grams of trans fat
  • Product of Belgium
Price: $3.79
Spreewald Gewurzgurken

Spreewaldhof pickles with onions, spices and herbs! 25.2oz

Price: $4.99
Develey Bayerische Gurken (Sweet Gherkins)

Bavaria's sweet, large whole gherkins 24.4oz

Price: $3.89

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