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Agrosik Polish Dill Pickles

Polish dill pickles, product of Poland. Contains dill, garlic, mustard seeds, and spices. 30 fl oz. 

Price: $4.69
Ahoj Brause Sauer Gummy

Soft and tingling sour! 
The classic Ahoj effervescent taste with Woodruff, raspberry, orange and lemon are now also available as acidic frit with a sparkling Brausebesträuung. Who could resist?  225g

Price: $4.59
California Fruchte
Individually packaged fruit sweets with liquid fruit juice filling in 4 different flavors. Holiday feelings from the bag. Storck California fruits will take you on a journey to sunny California. The delicious flavors of pineapple, orange, cherry and grapefruit fulfill your most beautiful holiday dreams even in everyday life. 425g
Price: $7.49


Caotina the cocoa drink made with real Swiss chocolate 17.6oz. Just mix 2-3 coffee spoons of Caotina in a cup of warm or cold milk, stir and enjoy!

Price: $12.99
Cloetta Kex

Filled Wafers In Milk Chocolate 2.1oz

Price: $2.69
Colorful Chocolate Easter Bunny

Colorful Chocolate Easter bunny 4.94oz. Great gift for the Easter Basket.

Price: $5.49

Dr Oetker Apfel Struesel Mix

Quick and easy delicous apfel streusel. Simply stir the dough, add apples and decorate the toppings, bake for 30 minutes. 355g

Price: $7.89
Dr Oetker Kirsch Mandel Mix

Quick and easy delicous kirsch-mandel. Simply stir the dough, add cherries and decorate the toppings, bake for 30 minutes. 255g

Price: $7.89
Dr Oetker Vanillin Zucker

Dr.Oetker Villin Zucker is now offered in a shaker for easy despensing! 100g

Price: $5.49

Dried Pfifferlinge  Mushrooms by Green Forest

Dired Steinpilze  mushrooms from Germany. 15g

Price: $6.89
Gut & Gunstig Waffel Mischung

Gut & Gunstig very popular waffelmischung with dark and milk chocolate!! 400g

Price: $5.19
Haribo Lacaroo

Haribos famous licorice. Lacaroos are flavored coating with a licorice inside.

Offered in Cranbeery, Sea Salt, and Toffee. 125g

Flavor Cranberry
Meersalz (Sea salt)
Price: $3.59

Haribo Limited Edition Fruit Gold Bears
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Haribo's Limited Edition Gold Bears are now offered in the flavors of Watermelon, Cherry, and Apple!! 4oz

Flavor Watermelon
Price: $2.49
Hengstenberg Bohnen Salat
Selected raw white bean kernels refined with a harmonious mix of tomato paprika, carrot and onion pieces, inserted in a refined spicy white wineiness infusion.
Price: $4.19
Hengstenberg Honinggurken

Prepeeled and cut cucumber with a mild/sweet flavor of honey! 370ml

Price: $3.29

Hengstenberg Paprika Tomaten Mark

A Spicy tomato paste perfect for goulash, roulades, pizza sauce, bread sticks, etc. 100g

Price: $3.59
Herbacin Latschenkiefer

Pour a generous capful of Herbacin Latschenkiefer (Spruce) bath oil into your bath to promote relaxation and well-being. The tips of fresh branches and boughs are collected and precious spruce oil is extracted. The essential oils are gently distilled from these needles and young shoots. The spruce oil has a pleasantly invigorating and refreshing effect. Absorbed by the skin and inhaled through the respiratory tracts, it helps to harmonize body and mind.

Price: $20.49
Kathi Weihnachts Geback

A tasty easy mix to make wonderful cookies! 390g

Price: $5.49

Kinder Riegel

Kinder Riegel, Germanys most mouth watering chocolate! The Riegel packs contains 10 milk & cocoa bars! 21g

Price: $6.99
Kristprolls Wholegrain

Krisprolls wholegrain swedish toasts are the perfect snack! Wonderful with cream cheese, ham or a bowl of soup! 225g

Price: $5.39
Kuhne Apfel Essig
In this bottle is apple cider, made from 1kg of sun-ripened apples. This vinegar is fruity-mild and particularly suitable for a versatile diet. It fits perfectly with fresh salads, vegetables and light sauces or soft drinks. 750ml
Price: $6.39

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