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1 liter bottle Gluwein
That special spiced Holiday drink, made with special spices and red wine. Ready to serve warm or cold
Price: $9.99
Edora Gluhwein and Punch Spices
Edora Spices for Gluhwein and Punch! Quick and easy to make for your holiday entertainment! 
Price: $3.89
Gerstacker Gluh Punch
Toast off to the holidays with Gerstacker's alcohol free punch.This punch is produced from 65% fruit juice content from fruit juice concentreat...
Price: $5.49
Glogg Concentrate
A Scandinavian winter drink that is manufactured in Sweden. This is a concentrate so all you have to do is mix one part Glogg with one part water o...
Price: $7.59
Glogg Spice Mix
Traditional Scandinavian spice mix made by Grandpa Lundquist. This package provides you with the right mix to easily prepare the authentic warm glo...
Price: $8.59
Grampa Lundquist Apple Glogg Drink
Grandpa Lundquist Apple Glogg Drink Glögg is the classic Scandinavian winter warming drink. Sweet, fruity and spiced with cardamom, ...
Price: $8.99
Grandpa Lundquist Christmas glogg
 Grandpa-Lundquist-Christmas-glogg. Just heat and serve
Price: $8.99
Teekanne Gluhfix
Teekanne Glühfix for traditional German Glühwein (Mulled Wine) served at Christmas and throughout the holiday season. Also used to season...
Price: $6.39
Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)
  Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones) A sugar cone used to pour alcohol over and burn. You then drink the liq...
Price: $3.99
Grandpa Lundquist Christmas Soda
Called "Julmust" in Sweden, this holiday beverage combines the flavors of glögg with a refreshing, chilled carbonated beverage. 12 o...
Price: $1.59
Winter Teekanne
4 Diffrent flavors of winter tee. Nice and soothing on a cold winter night
Price: $5.49

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