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1 liter bottle Gluwein
That special spiced Holiday drink, made with special spices and red wine. Ready to serve warm or cold
Price: $9.99
Edora Gluhwein and Punch Spices

Edora Spices for Gluhwein and Punch! Quick and easy to make for your holiday entertainment! 

Price: $8.19
Grampa Lundquist Apple Glogg Drink

Glögg is the classic Scandinavian winter warming drink. Sweet, fruity and spiced with cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, bitter orange and cloves, Grandpa Lundquist Apple Glögg is ready to be gently heated and served after outdoor cold weather activities, at indoor celebrations or enjoyed quietly by a fire on a cold winter evening. Glogg is often served in "glögg cups" with raisins and almonds.
Non-alcoholic - you may choose to add wine or spirits. Imported from Sweden. 25.4 FL OZ

Price: $7.99

Grandpa Lundquist Christmas glogg
 Grandpa-Lundquist-Christmas-glogg. Just heat and serve
Type traditional Glogg
Apple Glogg
Price: $8.99
Teekanne Gluhfix
Teekanne Glühfix for traditional German Glühwein (Mulled Wine) served at Christmas and throughout the holiday season. Also used to season red cabbage and compote. Contains 25 x 1g Bags Product of Germany.
Price: $6.39
Twinings Winter Teas

Twinings Winter Teas available in both Christmas premium black tea or Winter Spice! 20 indicidually wrapped tea bags! 40g

Price: $4.49

Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)


Nordzucker Zucker Hut ( sugar Cones)
A sugar cone used to pour alcohol over and burn. You then drink the liquid!! Lots of fun on a cold day."Da steckt die susse der natur drin".

Size/Type Nordzucker Zucker Hut 8.8oz
BUY 2 Zucker HUT (+$3.56)
Price: $3.99
Grandpa Lundquist Christmas Soda

Called "Julmust" in Sweden, this holiday beverage combines the flavors of glögg with a refreshing, chilled carbonated beverage. 12 oz bottle

Type Grandpa Lundquist Christmas Soda
1 4pack Grandpa Lundquist Christmas Soda (+$3.90)
Price: $1.35
Schnee Flockchen Alkoholfrei Gluhwein Special Winter Drink

Schneeflöckchen (Snowflake) German Winterdrink is a ready-to-serve Spice Drink. Can be served to children as it contains No Alcohol. Adults may add wine to their drink. This is the best known of all warm drinks served in the ski regions of Bavaria and the Alps. Made with special spices to give it a distinctive taste and aroma. 1 liter

Price: $8.99

Verpoorten Original Egg Liqueur

Verpoorten Original Egg Liqueur. Heart shaped bottle.

Price: $9.99
Winter Teekanne

4 Diffrent flavors of winter tee. Nice and soothing on a cold winter night

TYPE Teekanne Kaminabend
Teekanne Huettentraum
Teekanne Winterzeit- SOLD OUT
Teekanne Sternenmarkt
List Price: $5.49
Price: $3.89

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