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Badedas Pine Bath
 Classic Badedas Vital Schaumbad. Mit Naturlichem RoBkastanien Extrakt 750ml 
Price: $15.99
Dr. Soldan's Em eukal
 Help for your throat. The soothing new blend of cool menthol and eucalyptus. The original cough suppressant. 18 lozenges 1.8oz
Price: $3.85
Herbacin Latschenkiefer

Pour a generous capful of Herbacin Latschenkiefer (Spruce) bath oil into your bath to promote relaxation and well-being. The tips of fresh branches and boughs are collected and precious spruce oil is extracted. The essential oils are gently distilled from these needles and young shoots. The spruce oil has a pleasantly invigorating and refreshing effect. Absorbed by the skin and inhaled through the respiratory tracts, it helps to harmonize body and mind.

Price: $20.49

Odol original Mouthwash Concentrate

 Product of Germany. 40ml. Odol gives you "more breath freshness.....for less money" and kills the germs that cause bad breath. 

Price: $7.59
Penaten Creme and Nivea Cream

 Very Mild Cream for Relief of Minor Skin Irritations and Great for Baby's Diaper Rash! Refreshing skin moisturizer to help revitalize problem areas! 

Type Penaten Creme 50ml
Penaten Creme 150ml (+$5.20)
Nivea 150ml (+$1.40)
Nivea Cream 250ml (+$6.20)
Nivea Cream Soft Tube 2.6 oz. (+$2.40)
Nivea Skin Moisturizer 400ml (+$7.86)
Price: $6.49
Wybert Original

A refreshing taste that helps sooth your throat

Type Wybert Original
Price: $3.89

Underberg Natural Herb Bitters
 Since 1946 Europeans have known Underberg as a remarkably satisfying way to conclude a meal. This is a naturral herb bitters taken for digestion. It is very strong. (3 pak of 2/3 oz. bottles) 
Price: $5.89
Klosterfrau Melissengeist

 To improve general well-being (o to reinforce or strengthen) with a load of nervous and cardiovascular with restlessness and nervousness. To promote readiness for sleep. Changes in the weather related pain.

To improve the condition of discomfort, to promote the function of the digestive tract, especially in tendency to bloating and flatulence. 
As a mildly effective drugs to improve the condition in uncomplicated colds and to boost. 
To support the body's circulation, for example, for sore muscles and muscle tension. 

The medicine is a traditional medicine that is registered solely on the basis of long-standing use for the application.


lemon balm leaves, elecampane rhizomes, angelica root, ginger rhizomes, carnation bloom, black pepper fruits, gentian root, orange core, cinnamon-tree bark, senna blossom, cardamon fruits, galanga rhizomes 

Type Klosterfrau Melissengeist 95 ml (+$5.24)
Klosterfrau Melissengeist 235 ml (+$20.04)
Klosterfrau Melissengeist 475ml--- SOLD OUT (+$28.80)
Kloster Frau Melissengeist 47 ml
Price: $9.95
BOOK Eat Smart In Germany

 A great book on how to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure. By Mary Bergin A FOOD GUIDE FOR TRAVELERS 

Price: $14.95

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