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If you like your gummies sauer this is the one for you! Direct from Germany. 200g bag
Price: $3.29
Viele kennen mittlerweile die beliebten HARIBO-Fruchtgummi-/ Schaumzuckerprodukte aus der "Schnecken-Familie" - hierzu zählt auch H...
Price: $3.29
Haribo Snakes Gummi Candies
Fruity & Chewy Gummi Candy-A European favorite!
Price: $3.29
Haribo Sour Spaghetti Gummy Candy
If you like things sour, this is for you! Extra sour and also fat free!! Multi colored 2 inch strips of sour gummys. 5 oz bag.
Price: $3.29
Haribo Susse Mause
Kids will loves these Sugar Coated foam candy. Shape of a little pink or white mouse.
Price: $3.29
Haribo Twin Cherries Gummi Candies
Double the chewy cherry flavor!
Price: $3.29
Haribo Primavera
If you love strawberries than this is the one for you!! Direct from Germany. 200g Fruchtig, softig, beerig gut! Mit dem softigen Schaumzuckerkern u...
Price: $3.29
Haribo Chamallows
 A big 250g bag of squishy marshmellows. Fun for the kids!!!
Price: $4.99
Haribo Piratos
7.99 % Salmiak. These are shaped like coins. 200g bag. Direct from Germany!
Price: $3.29
Katjes Katzen Pfotchen
Black Liquorice. Wiech und wurzig. Fat free!Shaped like kitty paws. 2 sizes to choose from.
Price: $1.79
Katjes Lakritz Batzen
Direct from Germany. Lakritz Batzen weichlakritz. 200g
Price: $2.99
Katjes Salzige Heringe
These are great, if you like black licorice.  Big 200g bag   PICTURE IS NOT THE PRODUCT
Price: $2.99
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