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Ahoj Brause Sauer Gummy

Soft and tingling sour! 
The classic Ahoj effervescent taste with Woodruff, raspberry, orange and lemon are now also available as acidic frit with a sparkling Brausebesträuung. Who could resist?  225g

Price: $4.59
Haribo Chamallows Tangfastic
 Haribo-Chamallows-Tangfastic. Fruity flavour mallows with a SOUR coating.
Price: $3.29
Haribo DJ Brause

Haribo DJ Brause. 175g Of Fruit Gummi with Cola Flavor 

Price: $3.29

Haribo Freche Fuchse

HARIBO freche Füchse

Fans of the popular flavor Cola can look forward . HARIBO cheeky foxes make the delicious mix combination of cola and orange soda for a trendy taste experience . Through this inspiration they refresh themselves everyday by small and big sweet tooth .
Price: $3.29
Haribo Fruitmania

 New from Haribo, Fruitmania gummies in two flavors, Berry and Lemon! 175g

Flavor Fruitmania Berry
Fruitmania Lemon
Price: $3.29
Haribo Fruity Bussi

Haribo Fruity Bussi: The unique flavor of Fruity Bussi was created by the exceptional combination of fruit filling and fruit flavor of the foam and the gummies. Enjoy these colorful & delicious Haribo Fruity Bussi gummies! 200gram bag.

Price: $3.29

Haribo Jogi Bussi

Haribo Jogi-Bussi. 200gram bag of soft yoghurt gums.

Price: $3.29
Haribo Lacaroo

Haribos famous licorice. Lacaroos are flavored coating with a licorice inside.

Offered in Cranbeery, Sea Salt, and Toffee. 125g

Flavor Cranberry
Meersalz (Sea salt)
Price: $3.59
Haribo Limited Edition Fruit Gold Bears
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Haribo's Limited Edition Gold Bears are now offered in the flavors of Watermelon, Cherry, and Apple!! 4oz

Flavor Watermelon
Price: $2.49

Haribo Little Cupcakes


Price: $3.29
Haribo Pinkie And Lilly

Haribo Pinkie & Lilly 

Cute Owl figures in fruity jam flavors cassis and raspberry. Raspberry gummi with black currant marshmallow back and cassis with raspberry marshmallow back. 200 gram bag.

Price: $3.29
Haribo Saft Goldbaren 450 grams

Haribo Saft Goldbären

Soft, juicy and delicious - HARIBO GOLD BEARS JUICE They contain 25 % fruit and are therefore the most succulent product in various HARIBO range . In the fruity flavors apple , banana, pear , raspberry, cherry and peach are a true gourmet experience . In resealable 450g bag a long-lasting freshness is guaranteed
Price: $7.49



NEW , SAUER GOLD BEARS HARIBO outdoor sour tangy , fruity and sweet inside . The need to just try! 200 gram bag
Price: $3.29
Haribo Tier Puzzle
Price: $3.29
Hitschler Softies
 Chewy Candy Sticks in assorted fruit flavors. Pop a stick in your mouth and chew until it's gone. Each box contains 200 sticks. Keep a box on hand as treats for your kids, or bring them into the office to share with your colleagues.
Price: $17.39

Katjes Jogger Gums


Jogger Gums

  • In 5 flavors, raspberry, lemon, orange, currant and apple-cinnamon 
  • Our Katjes Jogger Gums contain just the right amount of glucose to give you enough energy to get off the couch and strap on your running shoes. But watch out, those yummy fruit gum shoes might just sneak out of the bag on their soft foam soles when you are not looking. We have heard that has been known to happen...

    200 gram bag


Price: $3.69
Rheila Salmiak Pastillen

 Dr. Soldans Rheila Salmiak Pastillen. The original one since 1924. These are a extra strong licorice. 

Price: $4.39
Trolli Gummy Rings
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Wonderful Trolli gummy rings for all of your sweet tooths! Offered in both Apple and Peach!!

Flavor Apfelringe (Apple)
Pfirsichringe (Peach)
Wurrli (warms)
Price: $4.39

Haribo Coala Tatzen
 Haribo Coala-Tatzen. Soft cola flavor
Price: $3.29
Haribo Gold Gummi Bears Candy
Haribo is Germany's Number 1 Gummy Candy Maker and loved by children & adults of all ages!
Price: $2.99
A nice soft chewy candy. Made with 22% fruit juice and Vitamin C 175g bag. Made from fruit juice Pears, Peaches, Raspberries, Limes, Apples, Black Currants.
Price: $3.29

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