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Haribo, Katjes, Brause & Softies

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Haribo Schlumpfe
Der HARIBO-Klassiker neu verpackt! HARIBO die SCHLÜMPFE ist das älteste Lizenzprodukt der Firma HARIBO und seit Jahrzehnten als Stückartikel vor allem bei jüngeren HARIBO-Fans beliebt.
Price: $3.29
Haribo Vulcano Fizz
Haribo gummies with marshmello bottoms and sauer apple flavor! 175g
Price: $3.29
Hitschler Softies
 Chewy Candy Sticks in assorted fruit flavors. Pop a stick in your mouth and chew until it's gone. Each box contains 200 sticks. Keep a box on hand as treats for your kids, or bring them into the office to share with your colleagues.
Price: $18.99
Haribo Happy Cola Bottles
er HARIBO-Klassiker unter den Cola-Produkten und bei Groß und Klein sehr beliebt! HARIBO Happy Cola mit spritzigem Cola-Geschmack These are everyones favorite! 200g bag
Price: $3.29
Haribo Happy Cherries
Ganzjährig Kirschsaison! Genau das Richtige für alle kleinen und großen Kirsch-Fans, selbst dann, wenn bereits die Saison der beliebten leckeren Früchtchen vorbei ist. HAPPY CHERRIES - lecker-fruchtige Fruchtgummistücke mit erfrischendem Kirschgemack. If youe love Che...
Price: $3.29
Haribo Weinland
Haribo Weinland Weingummi-Dessert made with wine. NO FAT! Super good! 200g
Price: $3.29
Haribo Frucht und Cola SCHNECKEN
Price: $3.29
Haribo Fruity Bussi
Haribo Fruity Bussi: The unique flavor of Fruity Bussi was created by the exceptional combination of fruit filling and fruit flavor of the foam and the gummies. Enjoy these colorful & delicious Haribo Fruity Bussi gummies! 200gram bag.
Price: $3.29
Haribo Color Rado
Delicious variety of HARIBO specialties! HARIBO COLOR-RADO is a mixture of the most popular HARIBO products and the classic among the existing product mixtures!
Price: $3.29
Haribo Freche Fuchse
HARIBO freche Füchse   Fans of the popular flavor Cola can look forward . HARIBO cheeky foxes make the delicious mix combination of cola and orange soda for a trendy taste experience . Through this inspiration they refresh themselves everyday by small and big sweet tooth .
Price: $3.29
Katjes Fred Ferkel Gummy
Piglet shaped marshmallows with fruity wine gum ears. 200g bags
Price: $4.69
Haribo DJ Brause
Haribo DJ Brause. 175g Of Fruit Gummi with Cola Flavor 
Price: $3.29
Haribo Chamallows Mix
Colorful marshmallows with the best flavors. Soft and chewy. 225g 
Price: $3.89
Haribo Rainbow
Sour sugared fruit jelly in four different flavors. 175g
Price: $3.29
Haribo BUMIX Direct from Germany
Large gummy zoo animals all in pink, yellow and light green! 200g bag
Price: $3.29
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