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Haribo, Katjes, Brause & Softies

» Haribo, Katjes, Brause & Softies
Cedrinca Sicilia Candies
Filled candies with citrus fruits juices. 100% natural 150g
Katjes Wunderland
Katjes Wunderland provides you with all your fruity magical figures from unicorns, to fairies, to rainbows. This wunderland package is your total pink edition of goodness. 200g
Nordic Sweets Gummi Fish
Authentic Scandinavian Sweets- Gummi Fish 8oz
Haribo Almdudler
Only available for a short time! These will taste the same as the Almdudler drink. Get them while they last!! 200g bag
HARIBO SAUER GOLDBÄREN   NEW , SAUER GOLD BEARS HARIBO outdoor sour tangy , fruity and sweet inside . The need to just try! 200 gram bag
Haribo Bunte Tute
A colorful assortment of Haribos most popular classics that everyone will recognize. 200g
Colorful, happy mythical creatures from the fantastic veggi world! With the new soft veggie recipe they have 3 fruity flavor combinations of -passion fruit, apple-cherry and lemon-blueberry. 200g bag
Haribo Kirsch Cola
Kirsch (Cherry) flavored Cola Bottles. 200g
Haribo Lustige Schneemanner
Create your own snowman with these delicious foam sugar pieces! This bag contains all the pieces to build your own before you enjoy each piece! 175g
Haribo Milch Milpferde
Haribo Milch Milpferde- Milk Hippos are really good, super sweet, and super soft. They are in the flavors of banana, strawberry,pineapple, raspberry and passion fruit combined with fluffy milk foam that melts your heart!  175g bag.
Haribo Pasta Frutta
Candied mixed fruit pasta strips in different fruity flavors like lemon, apple, strawberry, and orange with a nice sour coating on the outside for all the sauer gummy lovers! 175g 
Haribo Pearl Eier
Fruit flavored Easter Eggs covered in sugar sprinkles. 200g
List Price: $4.19
Haribo Sauer Brenner
Sauer Pacifiers. 175g
Haribo Stadionwurst
Haribo has always been a great treat to take with you anywhere you go, especially to the ball games. Enjoy putting together your own gummy stadium wurst at the stadium. This package includes gummy wursts, gummy mustard and ketchup strings, and gummy buns. How fun! 175g
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