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Gift Box # 101

A box that a family could really enjoy! You get-- 1- 18 oz all beef summer sausage,1- 18 oz all beef summer with a touch of garlic , 1- 8oz cheddar cheese 1- 8 oz co-jack cheese, 1-8 oz mild brick cheese, 1 -8oz. Monteray jack cheese A total of 2 lbs of cheese, and over 2 pounds of sausage!!

Price: $32.95
Gift Box No. 102

1-18 oz All Beef Summer Sausage 8 oz Cheddar Cheese 8 oz Co Jack Cheese*2nd Day Air REQUIRED on Gift Boxes sent to warm climates to ensure Quality. Don't forget about the greeting card to go with it! We can write it for you!

Price: $18.95
Gift Box No. 103

1-18oz Beef Summer Sausage8 oz Cheddar Cheese8 oz Swiss CheeseR>8 oz Brick Cheese,8 oz Muenster Cheese.Note: *2nd Day Air REQUIRED on Gift Boxes sent to warm climates to ensure Quality.

Price: $25.95

Gift Box 104

1-18 oz all beef summer, 1 - 18 oz all beef summer garlic, 8 oz chedder cheese and a 8 oz Monteray Jack cheese

Price: $25.95
Gift Box # 105

This is a nice box for a real sausage lover! 1- 12 oz All Beef Summer Sausage 1- 12 oz All Beef Cheddi Sausage 1 12oz Beef Cajun Summer Sausage, 1 6 pair Original Landjager

Price: $31.95
Gift Box # 106 HEFTY TREAT

This box contains: 1- 2.50 lb. ALL Beef Summer Sausage 1 - 1lb. Wisconsin Co-Jack Cheese 1- 1lb. Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese 1- 1lb Wisconsin Brick Cheese

Price: $42.95

Gift Box # 107 Happy Holidays!

This is a very nice box that contains: 1- 18 oz All Beef Summer Sausage 1- 1lb. Cheddar Cheese 1- 1lb. Brick Cheese * cheeses can be changed, and we have the right to substitute another cheese

Price: $24.95
Gift Box No. 108

18 oz. Summer Sausage8 oz Summer Sausage with Garlic,10 oz Honey Hot Wheel Sausage,8 oz Cheddar Cheese,8 oz Muenster Cheese, 8 oz Wisconsin Mustard, 2 pcs Wisconsin Mini cow pies Note: *2nd Day Air REQUIRED on Gift Boxes sent to warm climates to ensure Quality.

Price: $35.95
Giftbox 109

12oz All Beef Summer Sausage

12oz Cranberry Summer Sausage

7.5oz Cranberry White Cheddar

7.5oz Blueberry White Cheddar

10oz Cranberry Mustard

6oz Wis. Dipping Pretzels

Price: $34.95

Gift Box # 110

18oz Beef Summer Sausage

12oz Beef Pfeffer Summer Sausage

8oz Cheddar Cheese

8oz Co-Jack Cheese

8oz Mild Brick Cheese

8oz Pepper Jack Cheese

4 Lindt Chocolate Balls

Price: $32.95
Gift Box 112 Hot Lovers Gift Box

 Do you know someone who likes Hot food? Then this is the box for them!  They will love it. You will get:
1- 12 oz Cajun Summer Sausage
1-12 oz Pfeffer Summer Sausage
1- 8oz Extra Hot Horseradish Mustard
1- 7 oz Ghost Pepper Cheese Spread
1- 8 oz Habanero Ghost Cheese
1- 8oz Jalapeno Jack Cheese
1- 7.5 oz Mango Fire White Cheddar Cheese
1- 7.5 oz Habanero Jack Cheese

Price: $39.95
Giftbox 113

18oz Beef Summer Sausage 13

18oz Garlic Beef Summer Sausage

12oz Cheddi Beef Summer Sausage

12oz Pfeffer Summer Sausage

16oz Baby Swiss Cheese

16oz 2yr Sharp Cheddar Cheese

16oz Co-Jack Cheese

8oz Moral & Leak Cheese

8oz Crackers

60z Pretzels

10oz Sweet Tangy Mustard

9oz Trail Mix

3.5oz Lindt Bar 

Price: $84.95

Gift Box 114 Party Sampler

 Here is a great gift box! You will get:

18 oz. Beef Summer

12 oz. All Beef Spicy Smoked Sausage

8 oz. Wild Morel & Leek Jack

8 oz. Muenster

8 oz. Mild Cheddar Cheese

8 oz. Chocolate Cheese Fudge

5 oz. Wisconsin Mustard

4 oz. Crackers

2.5 oz. The Original Wisconsin Cow Pie

Price: $47.95
Gift Box 115

12oz All Beef Summer Sausage

12oz All Beef Pepper Sausage

8oz Cheddar

8oz Co-Jack

8oz Brick

8oz Colby

Price: $28.95
Gift Box 117
 18oz All Beef Summer Sausage
 12oz All Beef Pfeffer Sausage
 12oz All Beef Cheddi Summer Sausage
 12oz All Beef Honey Mustard Wheel
 16 oz Baby Swiss
 8oz Wild Morel & Leek Jack Cheese
 16oz 2 Year Cheddar Cheese
 8oz Cheese Spread
 9oz Outdoor Trail Mix
 10oz Wisconsin Mustard
 7.3 oz Specialty Chocolate Gift Box
 8oz Crackers
 6oz Dipping Pretzels
Price: $105.95

Say Wisconsin # 116

12 oz All Beef Summer Sausage

4oz Cow Shaped Cheese

4oz Wisconsin State Shaped Cheese

15oz Wisconsin Variety Cheese Round

5oz. Wisconsin Mustard

3.4oz Maple Syrup

2 Chocolate Mini Cow Pies

Price: $33.95

12 oz. All Beef Summer 12 oz. Spicy Summer 15 oz. Variety Cheese Round 5.5 oz.Bucky Badger Cheese 4 oz. Barn & Silo Cheese 8oz. Chocolate Fudge Cheese 5 oz. Wisconsin Mustard, 4 oz. Dipping Pretzel 2.5 oz. Cow Pie Chocolate, 1 Cow Beer Can Holder

Price: $55.95
Gift Box 120  Lets's Explorer

6pk Regular Landjager

6pk Pfeffer Landjager

18oz All Beef Summer Sausage

12oz Pfeffer Beef Summer Sausage

16oz Cheddar Cheese

Price: $46.95

Gift Box 121 Say Cheese

8oz Wild Morel & Leek Jack

7.5oz Cranberry White Cheddar

7.5oz Tomato Basil Cheddar

8oz Bruschetta Jack Cheese

8oz Chocolate Cheese Fudge w/walnuts

7.5oz Green Olive White Cheddar

Price: $33.95
Snacking Sausage Sampler
A super variety box that includes: 2 flavors of 2oz Landjager Snack sticks, 3 flavors of 12 oz. All Beef Summer Sausage, and our ever popular 10oz Hot Honey Mustard Wheel. You'll love this one!
Price: $27.99
Gift Box 122 Aged Beasts

1.5 lb. Aged Wisconsin Swiss

1 lb. 5 year old Aged Cheddar

12oz Bison Summer Sausage

12oz Elk Summer Sausage

8oz Limburger Spread

5oz Wisconsin Sweet & Tangy Mustard

Price: $50.99

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