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Panni Potato Pancakes
Panni original Bavarian potato pancake mix or shred-style pancake mix makes it all so quick, easy & delicious! Makes approx. 18 to 24 3-inch pa...
Price: $4.59
Pfanni Brat Kartoffeln
Hören Sie es? Das verführerische Brutzeln von knusprigen Kartoffelscheiben? Und dann dieser Duft! Ein Erlebnis für alle Sinne. Und g...
Price: $5.89
Pfanni Kartoffel Knodel
6 halb & halb (der klassiker) in Koch-beuteln. All instructions are in German.
Price: $6.49
Pfanni Kartoffel Teig
2 x 10 potato dumplings just add fruit or meat. All instructions are in German. 280g
Price: $6.39
Pfanni Roher Kloss Teig
Der Kraftige mit rohen kartoffeln. Only add water and form. Makes 12 dumplings.
Price: $6.39
Riesa Spaetzle and Noodles
Original German home-style egg noodles. Made from the finest durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. 500g bag
Price: $3.59
Werner's Dumplings
A Bohemian Bread Dumpling specialty.
Price: $3.99
Gut and Gunstig DUMPLINGS
Gut & Gunstif has 2 different types of dumplings in cooking bags. Semmel is a bread dumpling and Kartoffel is Potato dumplings
Price: $4.29
Gefu Spaetzle Press
Make your own spaetzle. Metaltex is a strong plastic Press that will make the preparation a real snap!!! 3 stainless steel interchangeable disks. 3...
Price: $39.99
Maggi Wirtshaus Spatzle in Champignon sauce and Kase Spatzle
Takes just 12 minutes to cook and is for 2 portions.
Price: $5.49
Nockerlgriess Farina Dumplings
Nockerl Griess- made from selected farina. Add butter and a egg to yield genuine, tasty soft Farina Dumplings. Makes 12 to15 dumplings. ( picture i...
Price: $2.39
Diamant Hartweizen Griess
Diamond Semolina is made from finest durum wheat. Durum wheat has a hearty texture and a golden yellow color. Meals with diamond hard wheat semolin...
Price: $3.89
Csiga Noodles From Hungary
Csiga Noodles are very small Hungarian egg noodles. They are short, tubular pasta, hollow inside, with a winding ridge spiralling up their sides ...
Price: $3.59
Knorr Hutten Schmans Kase Spatzle
Knorr Kase Spatzle! Makes two portions in 12 Minutes! 149g
Price: $6.09
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