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Bechtle THIN SOUP Noodle
Soups are not to be forgotten about, especially during the winter months. With the right ingredients, each soup can be tastier and healthier, making...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle Traditional German Egg Pasta KLUSKY
A great finer noodle. Klusky Noodles are also great for soups, which are thin, shortly cut rolled pasta. Rolled pastas are like the king of all pasta...
Price: $4.99
Bechtle Traditional German Spaetzle BOX
These come in a 9 oz box . Traditional German Pasta. Just boil like a noodle, drqin and serve.
Price: $3.89
Leimer Backerbsen
200g Great for in soup. like a crouton.
Price: $3.19
Dr. Willi Knoll 12 Knodel halb and halb
This is a powder mix that will make 12 potato dumplings. Great with Rouladen or Sauerbraten!
Price: $3.69
Dr. Willi Knoll Products
Willi Knoll is a household name in fine german cooking! We offer a large variety of potato dishes as well as bread and/or potato dumplings.
Price: $4.69
Potato Dumplings, Dr. Willi Knoll Semmel, 7 oz.
Dr. Willi Knoll is practically a household word when it comes to preparing & serving authentic German dumplings! No Mixing, just cook and serve...
Price: $4.29
Maggi Spaetzle
Traditional Tiny Swiss-Style Dumplings complete with cooking suggestions & instructions. Makes Six 1/2 cup servings. A great side dish for any ...
Price: $5.59
Armbruster Black Forest Spaetzle or Knoepfle
  Spaetzle are the most famous traditional German-pasta. Our production is similar to the traditional spaetzle-scrap...
Price: $4.99
Panni Bavarian Potato Dumpling Mix
Original Bavarian potato dumpling mix. Makes 7 2 inch dumplings. Serve with sauerbraten, rouladen or just a good pot roast!
Price: $3.69
Panni Potato Pancakes
Panni original Bavarian potato pancake mix or shred-style pancake mix makes it all so quick, easy & delicious! Makes approx. 18 to 24 3-inch pa...
Price: $4.59
Pfanni Assorted Dumplings Powder MIx
Here are several different powder mixes from Pfanni,
Price: $5.89
Pfanni Brat Kartoffeln
Hören Sie es? Das verführerische Brutzeln von knusprigen Kartoffelscheiben? Und dann dieser Duft! Ein Erlebnis für alle Sinne. Und ga...
Price: $5.89
Pfanni Kartoffel Knodel
6 halb & halb (der klassiker) in Koch-beuteln. All instructions are in German.
Price: $6.49
Pfanni Kartoffel Teig
2 x 10 potato dumplings just add fruit or meat. All instructions are in German. 280g
Price: $6.39
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