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Grocholl Kartoffeln
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Grocholl is known for their high quality potato products. Their made out of the waxy, yellow-fleshed potatoes from the Luneburg Heath, Altmark and ...
Price: $4.29
Grocholl Kartoffeln Mit Rosemarin
Ready to start cooking- no peeling, thawing, or soaking, just toss in a pan and serve. Delikate potatoes with rosemary. 400g
Price: $5.49
Grocholl Rosti
Ready to fry Rosti Potatoes 400g
Price: $4.19
Henglein Gnocchi
Henglein Gnocchi- Gnocchi potato dumplings. Ready in 2-3 minutes, just add package contents to boiling water. Serving size 2-3. 500g *instructions ...
Price: $4.69
Henglein Kartoffel Gnocchi
Henglein Kartoffel- Gnocchi- potato gnocci made from fresh whole potatoes. *Instructions on package are in English and German. Serving size 2-3. 50...
Price: $5.49
Hofbauer Spaetzle Number 1 seller!!
Spatzle to make your German meal complete! The original Swabian Egg Noodle made from the best all natural ingredients - no additives or preservativ...
Price: $5.95
Lars Yellow Peas
Yellow Peas for swedish style yellow pea soup. Directions on the back of package on how to make swedish style yellow pea soup. 18oz-14 servings per...
Price: $4.49
Kartoffelland 12 Knodel Halb and halb
 Kartoffelland Halb&Halb dumplings
Price: $5.29
Kartoffelland 6 Semmel Knodel (Dumplings) in bags
6 semmel dumplings in cooking bags.Just boil and serve. This is truly a must when serving sauerbraten or rouladen! A traditional German favorite fo...
Price: $4.69
Kartoffelland Brat Kartoffeln
Kartoffelland brat-kartoffeln (fried potatoes) Just fry and serve. Makes 2-3 portions. 400g
Price: $4.29
Armbruster Original Bauern Spaetzle BIG BAG! GREAT PRICE
Huge 1 kilo bag of Farmer spaetzle. These just came in direct from Germany. Only the best ingredients are used for the Armbruster farmer spaetzle: ...
Price: $8.89
Kartoffelland Dumplings
Dumpling mixes to satisfy every hungry appetite! Many styles & varieties to choose from. Serve with Bavaria's Sauerbraten or Rouladen. Imported ...
Price: $3.79
German Egg Pasta Spaetzle are a popular specialty in southern Germany. They are a favorite dish of the Swabians and will be enjoyed worldwide. Our ...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle BAVARIAN Spaetzle
Spaetzle are a popular specialty in southern Germany. They are a favorite dish of the Swabians and will be enjoyed worldwide. Our Spaetzle are made ...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle Spaetzle FARMER Style
Spaetzle are a Swabian classic and are enjoyed on all occasions. In Southern Germany there are many Spaetzle traditions with a variety of pasta shap...
Price: $5.29
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