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Grocholl Kartoffeln
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Grocholl is known for their high quality potato products. Their made out of the waxy, yellow-fleshed potatoes from the Luneburg Heath, Altmark and ...
Price: $4.29
Henglein Gnocchi
Henglein Gnocchi- Gnocchi potato dumplings. Ready in 2-3 minutes, just add package contents to boiling water. Serving size 2-3. 500g *instructions ...
Price: $4.69
Henglein Kartoffel Gnocchi
Henglein Kartoffel- Gnocchi- potato gnocci made from fresh whole potatoes. *Instructions on package are in English and German. Serving size 2-3. 50...
Price: $5.49
Hofbauer Spaetzle Number 1 seller!!
Spatzle to make your German meal complete! The original Swabian Egg Noodle made from the best all natural ingredients - no additives or preservativ...
Price: $5.95
Kartoffelland 12 Knodel Halb and halb
 Kartoffelland Halb&Halb dumplings
Price: $4.69
Kartoffelland 6 Semmel Knodel (Dumplings) in bags
6 semmel dumplings in cooking bags.Just boil and serve. This is truly a must when serving sauerbraten or rouladen! A traditional German favorite fo...
Price: $4.69
Kartoffelland Brat Kartoffeln
Kartoffelland brat-kartoffeln (fried potatoes) Just fry and serve. Makes 2-3 portions. 400g
Price: $4.29
Armbruster Original Bauern Spaetzle BIG BAG! GREAT PRICE
Huge 1 kilo bag of Farmer spaetzle. These just came in direct from Germany. Only the best ingredients are used for the Armbruster farmer spaetzle: ...
Price: $8.89
Kartoffelland Dumplings
Dumpling mixes to satisfy every hungry appetite! Many styles & varieties to choose from. Serve with Bavaria's Sauerbraten or Rouladen. Imported ...
Price: $3.79
German Egg Pasta Spaetzle are a popular specialty in southern Germany. They are a favorite dish of the Swabians and will be enjoyed worldwide. Our ...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle BAVARIAN Spaetzle
Spaetzle are a popular specialty in southern Germany. They are a favorite dish of the Swabians and will be enjoyed worldwide. Our Spaetzle are made ...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle Spaetzle FARMER Style
Spaetzle are a Swabian classic and are enjoyed on all occasions. In Southern Germany there are many Spaetzle traditions with a variety of pasta shap...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle BROAD Pasta
Southern Germany is well known for its egg pastas. Like all Bechtle pastas, only the best raw materials are used for making the Broad Pasta. The bes...
Price: $5.29
Bechtle Maccaroni Noodle
This is a home style German egg noodle Maccaroni. They are long and hollow like a straw. 17.6 oz
Price: $5.39
Bechtle THIN SOUP Noodle
Soups are not to be forgotten about, especially during the winter months. With the right ingredients, each soup can be tastier and healthier, making...
Price: $5.29
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