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KuchenMeister Assorted Liqueur Cakes

KuchenMeisters best assorted liqueur cakes available in four flavors! 400g

Price: $5.79
Schlunder Almond and Marzipan Pastries

Schlunder Almond and Marzipan Pastries with 40% filling! 350g

Price: $7.29
Walkers Rich Fruit Cake

Walkers Rich Fruit Cake filled with the finest dreid fruits and spices, topped with almond marzipan and soft icing!! 17.6oz

Price: $20.95

Winternacht Stollen

A very good Stollen imported from Germany. 3 flavors to choose from Marzipan, cherry or butter almond stollen 28 oz

type Cherry Stollen 28oz
Butter Almond Stollen 28 oz
Marzipan Stollen 28 oz
Price: $8.99
Bahlsen WALNUSS, MOHN or Butter Stollen

Here is a very nice selection of Bahlsens specialty stollen that are very hard to find here in the states!!

Size/Type Bahlsen Walnuss Stollen 400g
Bahlsen Butter Stoller 400g
Bahlsen Mohn (poppy seed) Stollen 400g ----- SOLD OUT!!!!!!
Price: $9.59
Edeka Backstube Stollen

 Great for that holiday party!

Size/Type Backstube Edeka Butter Stollen 500g- SOLD OUT (+$4.60)
Edeka Marzipan Stollen Thueringer Art 1000g (+$12.00)
Edeka Butter Stollen 200g
Edeka Butter Mandel Stollen 750g (+$7.30)
Edeka Edelmarzipan Stollen 1000g (+$7.30)
Edeka Marzipan Stollen 200g
Price: $4.39

Kuchen Meister Assorted Stollen

 These are excellent quality stollen. KuchenMeister has been making stollen for almost 100 years!

Type Christ (classic) Stollen 17.5oz
Marzipan Stollen 17.5 oz (+$1.00)
Price: $6.99
Oebel Stollen

A huge variety of CHRISTMAS Stollen From Konditorei Oebel to share with your whole family. Make sure you have a good cup of coffee to go with these special cakes.! 17.6oz

Type oebel Orange Stollen 17.6oz (+$4.00)
Rum Stollen Stollen 17.6 oz (+$3.20)
Cranberry Stollen 17.6 oz (+$4.00)
Oebel Butter stollen 17.6oz (+$3.20)
OebelMarzipan Stollen 17.6oz (+$3.20)
Oebel Butter 7oz
Oebel Marzipan 7oz
Price: $5.69
Schlunder MARZIPAN or BUTTER Stollen

Hand formed Butter Mandel or Marzipan Christmas Cake. A Christmas specialty. 750g

Price: $11.19

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