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Anthon Berg Marzipan Bar
Creamy chocolate filled with marzipan 75g
Price: $4.69
Anthon Berg Nougat Marzipan Bar
Creamy chocolate filled with marzipan and hazelnut nougat 75g
Price: $4.69
Butlers Mint Crunch 3.5oz
Dark chocolate with crunchy mint pieces 3.5oz
Price: $4.69
Butlers Salted Caramel 3.5oz
70% dark chocolate with salted caramel 3.5oz
Price: $5.49
Dr Oetker Lubecker Marzipan Rohmasse
Dr. Oetker is ideal for modeling decorations and for baking. With the Dr. Oetker baking & dessert colors, the marzipan raw material can also be...
Price: $9.99
Fazer Maitosuklaa
Delicious milk chocolate made by fazer, a company since 1891. Made in Finland. 200g
Price: $6.79
Lambertz Dominos Auslese
 Lambertz domino Gingerbread  with Apple Jelly and Persipan coated with dark chocolate. 200g package
Price: $7.49
Milka Nougat-Creme Kugeln
Mini nougat-Creme balls covered in Milkas creamy apenmilk chocolate. 90g
Price: $5.99
Milka Snowballs Milk
This Milka Snowball Pack Includes 4 Milk Chocolate Snowballs with Milk Cream Filling!! Also Includes 2 spoons! 112g
Price: $8.89
Milka Snowballs Oreo
This Milka snowball pack includes 4 milk chocolate snowballs with oreo cream filling. Also includes 2 spoons. 112g
Price: $8.89
Niederegger Apfel Streusel Holiday Bar
Apfel marzipan with milk chocolate 125g
Price: $9.99
Niederegger Chocolate Covered Marzipan Bar
Niederegger is the name for Marzipan bars! These have the highest amound of almond paste in them. Number one for quality!!
Price: $4.59
Niederegger Nuss Nougat Holiday Bar
Marzipan With Nut-Nougat Filling In Milk Chocolate! 75g
Price: $6.89
Niederegger Rum Traube
 Niederegger Marzipan Knusperbrot. Rum Traube
Price: $9.79
Niederegger Vanille Truffel Holiday Bar
Marzipan With Vanilla Truffel Filling In Dark Chocolate! 75g
Price: $6.99
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