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Bergen Marzipan Fruit Tray SPECIAL

This product just came in from Germany but is dated November 2016. Marzipan does not go bad!!! 18pc tray

List Price: $8.89
Price: $7.19
Dr Oetker Lubecker Marzipan Rohmasse

Dr. Oetker is ideal for modeling decorations and for baking. With the Dr. Oetker baking & dessert colors, the marzipan raw material can also be colored individually. 200g

Price: $7.79
Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher, finest hazelnut chocolates!! 10.6oz

Price: $6.39

Friedel Weihnachts Mischung

Christmas Mix Filled With Milk Chocolate Assortment! 5.93oz

List Price: $4.89
Price: $2.99
Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates, Luxuriously rich and creamy belgian milk chocolate truffles with soft caramel filling- 5.93oz

Price: $10.49
Henry Lambertz Exquisite

An Assortment of Premium Chocolate! 200g

Price: $4.89

Koenigsberger Marzipan

Crunchy cookie taste with a marzipan flavor!! 6oz

Price: $8.49
Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles
 Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffles Gift box. 9.7oz
Price: $11.99
Lindt Weihnachts Chocolate

Lindt Weihnachts Chocolate Bars Offered In Three Different Flavors! Edelbitter, Mandel, and Classic! 100g bars!

Price: $5.49

Lindt Weihnachts Chocolate Mini Bars
Filled alpenmilch chocolade with a touch of cinnamon and coriander, 5 Mini Bars in a pack! 80g
Price: $5.49
Lindt Weihnachts Nusse Haselnuss
Carmelized hazelnuts in gianduja milk chocolate and whole milk chocolade with a touch of cinnamon and coriander 100g
Price: $8.59
Lindt White Peppermint Bar

Lindt White Peppermint Chocolate bar with creamy, smooth white chocolate and pepermint pieces! 4.2oz

Price: $3.89

Manner Weihnachts Sterne Marzipan Creme

Gift Wrapped Milk Chocolate Stars With Marzipan Creme Filling! 135g

Price: $9.39
Manner Weihnachts Sterne Zimt

Gift Wrapped Milk Chocolate Stars With Cinnamon Cream Filling!130g

Price: $9.39
Marzipan Bear

Marzipan Bear With Sugar Decoration! 50g

Price: $5.69

Milka Assorted Chocolates

This Milka Assorted Chocolate box contains, oreo, kepe/biscuit, and daim! 144g

List Price: $11.19
Price: $8.59
Milka Frohes Fest

Milka Frohes Fest, Pralines Kakao-Creme and Kirsche! 110g

Price: $8.09
Milka Snowballs

This Milka Snowball Pack Includes 4 Milk Chocolate Snowballs with Milk Cream Filling!! Also Includes 2 spoons! 112g

Price: $8.89

Mini Good Luck Marzipan Pig

Mini Marzipan Pig For Good Luck!! 18g

Price: $2.79
Moritz Original Chocolate Bag

Moritz Ice Chocolates, The Original Since 1936. 150g

Price: $5.69
Niederegger Nuss Nougat Holiday Bar

Marzipan With Nut-Nougat Filling In Milk Chocolate! 75g

Price: $6.89

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