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» Christmas 2023
Lambertz Schokoladen Lebkuchen
A soft gingerbread covered with milk or dark chocolate, designed in different shapes. 17.6oz
Royal Des Lys 7.76oz
Royal des Lys contains dark chocolate of pure excelence as it contains "wine" chocolate liquiors with Remy Martin, Label 5, and Grand Marnier. 3.53oz
Trumpf Edel Tropfen In Nuss Klassische Brande 250g
Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss Klassische Brande.   4 irresistible chocolates specialties with fine classic Fires in finely - crystallized sugar crust , covered with dark and light milk chocolate and crunchy hazelnut splinters : Grappa , Cognac , Scotch Whisky and Calvados
Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss/Nuts Blue Box 250g
This is the best! Limited supply. Milk chocolate and nuts cover this fine assortment of Obstbranden ( fruit brandy) filled liquor chocolates. You get Zwetschgen wasser (plum brandy), Kirschwasser (cherry brandy), Williams Christbirne (pear brandy), and Himbeergeist (Raspberry brandy)
Lambertz Chocolate Cookies
Lambertz best assortment of chocolate cookies with 19% chocolate, 10% milk chocolate and 9% white chocolate equalling 38% chocolate (not 40 as shown in the picture). This assortment provides you with 12 different cookies. 500g
Lambertz Prinzess Printinchen 150g
Mini Spiced cake cookies with sugar icing 150g
Lambertz Compliments 500g box
 An assortment of 13 diffrent cookies with semi-sweet,milk and white chocolate
Lindt Weihnachts Nusse Selection 210g
This is a cute box filled with all the specialty Christmas nut collection. Like Haselnusse mit zimt & Koriander, Mandeln mit Zimt & Koriander, Gebrannre Mandeln ohne Zimt & Koriander and Macadamia mit zimt & Koriander. 220g gift box
Bohme finest Cream and Irish Whiskey
The finest chocolates filled with an Irish whiskey cream liquor. 5.3oz THESE ARE THE BEST!!! They sell out every year!
Abtey Prestige Liqueurs Bag 6.35oz.
Quality acclaimed liqueurs in dark chocolate. Cognac Camus, Kirsch, Cointreau and Poire Williams 6.35oz
Dr Quendt Kirsch Harmonie
 Dr Quendt Kirsch Harminie. Marzipan and Kirschsaftgelee
Weiss Lebkuchen Herzen Milk Chocolate Apricot Filled 5.3oz
From Weiss -2 styles- Jam-filled Gingerbread Hearts. These cookies are filled with Apricot Jam and covered with delicious chocolate. Or just plain.
Trumpf Edel Tropfen Vodka 100g
4 delicious chocolate specialties with different vodka cocktail specialties
Schluckwerder KokosFlocken
Coconut mountains dipped in dark chocolate. 7.05 oz package Kokosflocken mit Zartbitterschokolade
Weiss Weissella Oblaten Lebkuchen 200g
Fine Oblaten Lebkuchen with 20% more nuts and grains. Assorted Gingerbread cookies; chocolate, glazed, and plain. 200g

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