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Chocolates - Specialties

Milka Joghurt
Milk chocolate confection with yogurt creme filling 100g
Lindt Plum Liquor Bar 100g
A new bar from Lindt. If you like plum you will love this. Made with a good pflaumenwasser. It is milk chocolate with a nice pocket full of plum liquor.  Super tasty!! 100g
Milka Noisette
Alpine milk chocolate with a creamy hazelnut filling. This is our stores number 1 most popular! 100g
Casali Rum Kokos
Rum Coconut Dragees with alcoholic filling (10%), covered with chocolate (9%) and milk chocolate (59%). 
Milka Peanut Crispy Caramel
Peanut crispy caramel with milk chocolate 90g
Milka Trauben Nuss
Milk chocolate confection with raisins and nuts 100g
Milka Triple Choco Cocoa & Caramel Hazelnut
Milk chocolate with either triple choco cocoa or triple caramel inside 90g
Milka Waves Cookie Pieces
Milka waves with cookie pieces 81g
Milka Caramel
New from Milka- A creamy chocolate bar filled with carmel- super good!! 100g
Milka Hazelnuss - Chopped Hazelnuts
Creamy milk chocolate with broken hazelnuts 100g bar
Milka Ganz Haselnusse (Whole Hazelnut) 3.5 oz. Bar
Creamy rich milk chocolate with Whole hazelnuts. If you love nuts, you will love this bar. 100g
Ferrero Duplo 10 piece
Wafer cookies with nougat creme filling covered in luscious milk chocolate. 18 pieces per box 18.2g
Milka Kuhflecken - Happy Cow Spots
Creamy milk and white chocolate mixed together to look like cow spots. 100g
Milka Strawberry Yogurt Bar 100g
Creamy Milka milk chocolate with a strawberry yogurt filling. SOOO good! 100g bar
Milka and OREO
Milka & Oreo Milka & Oreo ist der zartschmelzende Schokoladengenuss aus Alpenmilch Schokolade aus 100% Alpenmilch und knusprigen original Oreo-Keksstückchen. Beides verbindet sich zu einer innovativen und köstlichen Geschmackskomposition. Creamy Milka milk chocolate and Oreo coo...

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