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Chateau Carre Wine Filled Chocolates
Similar to the Choco Beer, this crate contains 16 Wine filled chocolates that include your best wines from belgium. 7.04oz
Price: $17.99
Abtey L Original crate
 Abtey original milk chocolate filled liqueur bottles 108g
Price: $6.79
Anthon Berg Chocolate Coffee Liqueurs 12pc
 Dark chocolate bottles with liquid alcoholic coffee filling. 16 piece box
List Price: $20.99
Price: $15.79
Butlers Irish Whiskey 7.5oz
Savor Butlers’ Irish whiskey chocolate bar. Made with finest dark chocolate with a pure Irish Whiskey truffle center. A delight to behold, a ...
Price: $10.49
Abtey L'instant Cafe 190g
Rich, Creamy Coffee-Infused Truffles Inspired by Your Favorite Coffee and After-Dinner Drinks such as Expresso, Cappuccino, Cafe Cognac, Irish Coff...
Price: $15.99
Butlers Irish Cream 7.05
Milk chocolate with Irish Cream Liqueur 3.5oz
Price: $10.49
Anthon Berg Chocolate Coffee Liqueurs 16pcs
  Dark chocolate bottles with liquid alcoholic coffee filling. 15 piece box
Price: $21.99
Creamy milk chocolate filled with a liquid Schwarzwalder kirschwasser, Cognac or Williams-Christ-Birnen 100g
Price: $5.89
Camille Bloch Liquor Chocolates from Switzerland
Camille Bloch makes some of the best liquor chocolates with liquid filled centers around. Camille offers 5 flavors in both flavors of milk and dark...
Price: $5.29
Abtey Mojito Liquor Filled Crate
Dark chocolate filled with Mojito liquor. Makes a great gift. 108g
Price: $6.59
Fazer Chocolate Liqueur Fills
Chocolates Liqueur filles - Imported from Finland. These are very popular. Made with dark chocolate and real Vodka. Vodka -WOW!
Price: $6.79
Abtey Prestige Cognac
Prestige Edition dark chocolate, barrel shaped shells filled with the finest Armagnac, Cognac and Calvados liqueur centres without a sugar crust. T...
Price: $15.69
Choco Beer 3.5oz
Choco Beer- 8 beer filled belgian chocolates. 3.53oz
Price: $10.48
Anthon Berg Chocolates Drink Time 187g
Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs "Drinks Time" 12Pc - 187g Perfect for any festive occasion, these miniature, dark chocolate bottles (min. ...
Price: $20.99
Goldkenn Grand Marnier
Finest Swiss milk chocolate with Grand Marnier liquid syrup 3.5oz
Price: $7.39
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