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Chocolates - Liquor

» Chocolates - Liquor
Schlunder Mini Liqueur Cakes
Finest milk chocolate mini liqueur cakes with orange liqueur or rum liqueur with dark chocolate. A traditional German Baumkuchen 12 pieces 125g
Creamy milk chocolate filled with a liquid Schwarzwalder kirschwasser, Cognac or Williams-Christ-Birnen 100g
Fazer Chocolate Liqueur Fills
Chocolates Liqueur filles - Imported from Finland. These are very popular. Made with dark chocolate and real Vodka. Vodka -WOW!
Trumpf Edel Tropfen VODKA
4 delicious chocolate specialties with different vodka cocktail specialties
Goldkenn Remy Martin Bar
Finest Swiss milk chocolate with Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac Syrup. 3.5oz
Goldkenn Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Finest Swiss Milk Chocolate with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey liqueur syrup center. 3.5oz
Royal des Lys Grands Alcools
From Royal des Lys Grands Alcools  3 different  barrels - Whiskey Label 5, Cognac Camus & Rhum Saint James in dark chocolate. What a great gift.  180g
Goldkenn Jack Daniels Whiskey Bar 3.5oz
finest swiss milk chocolate with Jack Daniel's Tennesse Whiskey syrup centre 3.5oz
Abtey Ice Vodka Crate
Abtey Ice Vodka Blue Crate! 108g 
Butlers Irish Whiskey Truffles
Butlers Irish Vhiskey Truffles 4.41oz Box. Milk And Dark Chocolate Truffles!
Asbach Brandy Beans 3.5oz
Asbach Uralt Brandy-filled Box of premium chocolates shaped like a bean! Not intended for minors. 4.4 oz Asbach beans do not have a sugar crust and therefore perfect true harmony between dark chocolate and Asbach Brandy.
Asbach Brandy Filled Chocolates Squares
Asbach chocolates have a sugar crust and are filled with the famous Asbach brandy from Rüdesheim Germany. Each chocolate is rectangular in shape and individually wrapped. Asbach chocolates are made with the finest dark chocolate.
Edeka Rum Kugeln
 Bohme Rumkugeln. Sweet with Jamaica rum. Yummy
Asbach Zarte Flaschchen Bottles 8pc
Here are the very popular Asbach bottles. These make great gifts. They have a very popular sugar crust, then filled with that special Asbach brandy!
Schladerer Pralines Edel Mischung
This box contains a nice mixture of Liquor chocolates covered in milk chocolates and dark chocolates . You get Pear brandy, strawberry, mirrabellon and Cherry. 2 sizes

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