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Nimm2 Bonbons
Individually wrapped filled fruit bonbons with vitamins in flavors of orange and lemon. 515g
Price: $6.49
Pocket Coffee
This is a a special treat! Made by Ferrero, chocolate filled with Italian Espresso. Each peice is wraped seperate.
Price: $8.79
Goldkenn Grand Marnier
Finest Swiss milk chocolate with Grand Marnier liquid syrup 3.5oz
Price: $7.39
Milka Cherry Cream
 Creamy milka milk chocolate filled with cherry cream.  100g bar
Price: $2.99
Laroshell weinbrand kirschen
Dark chocolate with a cheery and brandy inside. What a treat! Remember to put the whole piece in your mouth at one time otherwise all the brandy &n...
Price: $5.59
Lindt Petits Desserts Gift Box
A really nice selection of chocolates inspired by famous dessert Recipes. 18 assorted fine chocolates like, Meringue, Tiramisu, Macaroon, Creme Bru...
Price: $12.49
Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey
Finest Swiss Milk Chocolate with Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey liqueur syrup center. 3.5oz
Price: $7.39
Jack Daniels Whiskey Bar 3.5oz
finest swiss milk chocolate with Jack Daniel's Tennesse Whiskey syrup centre 3.5oz
Price: $7.39
Anthon Berg 16pc Chocolate Liqueur
 16pc Anthon Berg from Denmark, dark chocolate liqueur filled bolttles.  These dark chocolates are filled with a liqueur center. Each is ...
Price: $21.99
RITTER SPORT Jamaica RUM Knusperstuck
12 mini rum knusperstuck in each bag. 7 oz bulk bag. Each bar is wrapped. Made with real Jamica rum.
Price: $5.59
Ahoj Brause Bonbons, Brause Pulver AND MORE
3 different fizzy packages to choose from!!
Price: $3.49
Haribo Lakritz Schnecken
Licorice Wheels Der Lakritz-Liebling im großen HARIBO-Sortiment! Seit Jahren erweist sich der Klassiker großer Beliebtheit und Bekannth...
Price: $3.29
Ferrero Duplo
Wafer cookies with nougat creme filling covered in luscious milk chocolate. 10 pieces per box 40g
Price: $7.99
Haribo Licorice Katinchen (cats)
Licorice black cats. Soft and chewy and not to strong. 200g bag
Price: $3.29
Edeka Rum Kugeln
 Bohme Rumkugeln. Sweet with Jamaica rum. Yummy
Price: $3.89
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