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Milka Milkinis
Alpine milke chocolate with a milk creme filling. 87g and 8 sticks 
Price: $2.99
Milka Toffee Broken Nuts Large 250g Bar
Creamy Milk chocolate with Toffee and tiny broken nuts inside . So good!
Price: $6.99
Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueurs
This is a really nice black gift box filled with 15 peices of assorted spirits. Dark chocolate with genuine spirits like Whiskey, Southern Comfort....
Price: $21.19
Lindt Milk Chocolate Extra Creamy
Lindt Excellence Milk chocolate that is very very creamy. A must have! 3.5 oz
Price: $4.29
Milka Choco Swing 300g
 Milka Barquillo Wafer (choco swing)300grams
Price: $6.99
Milka Triolade Large 300g bar
Milka Triolade - das ist zartschmelzender Schokoladengenuss und eine Kombination aus Milka Alpenmilch Schokolade, weißer Schokolade und dunkl...
Price: $6.99
Butlers Gunpowder Irish Gin
Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin is slow distilled by hang in medieval copper pot stills. The fusion of Butlers milk chocolate with Drumshanbo Gunpow...
Price: $10.49
Trumpf Edel Tropfen In Nuss Klassische Brande
Trumpf Edle Tropfen in Nuss Klassische Brande.   4 irresistible chocolates specialties with fine classic Fires in finely - crystallize...
Price: $12.29
Anthon Berg Liquor Chocolate Marzipan
Liquor Chocolate Covered Marzipan. 7.76oz
Price: $13.19
Bohme finest Cream and Irish Whiskey
The finest chocolates filled with an Irish whiskey cream liquor. 5.2oz THESE ARE THE BEST!!! They sell out every year!
Price: $5.99
Butlers Irish Cream 3.5
Milk chocolate with Irish Cream Liqueur 3.5oz
Price: $4.69
Haribo Color Rado
This is an all assortment mix, licorice, wine gums, bears, all different! Family fun mix! Köstliche Vielfalt der HARIBO-Spezialitäten! HA...
Price: $3.29
Milka Large Bar Alpenmilch 270g
This is a very big bar of pure creamy milk chocolate! 250g
Price: $6.99
Bohme Weinbrand Bohnen
Here are the best chocolates filled with brandy. Our store favorite. This is a big 14 oz box full of dark chocolate filled with real brandy. What a...
Price: $5.99
Milka Large Noisette 270g Bar
Creamy milk chocolate with a creamy nogat (hazelnut creamy spread) filling Large 250g bar
Price: $6.99
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